Valerie Giles

Office manager / Accountant

About Me

I have been working in the accounting field for many years. I started out doing bookkeeping work and some accounting at an office supply store shortly after high school, then went to college about 4 years after high school. My major was Biology but after a few years I realized that Biology wasn't the correct field for me. My boss at my part time job, where I was the bookkeeper suggested I switch to Accounting since I was good with numbers so I went and switched my major to accounting. I worked at several different companies (banks, credit unions, colleges and for profit companies) in their accounting department and learned the different accounting practices for each. Right now I work for a small company doing all their bookkeeping, accounting, HR and administrative tasks and I really enjoy my job. Outside of my job I belong to 2 miniature clubs and I enjoy reading and scrap-booking with friends.

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