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Moneytalk Financial Foundations is a non-profit organization providing basic financial education to those in need. The vast majority of inmates and ex-offenders have not completed high school, ever held a job, or had a bank account. Many of the low-income and homeless individuals are in a similar situation. These financial topics allow them to better manage the money they have to ensure basic needs are met. In 2014, the classes have been taught 6 times for a total of 88 individuals. We have received very positive feedback from both the attendees and the staff.

We are in the process of developing a Workforce Readiness program to assist individuals in becoming self-sufficient, productive members of society. It is one thing to find a job. It is another to have a career. The program includes helping them discover their skills, interests, goals, and barriers to success. For both employers and those who have never been employed full-time, job retention is a huge problem. Continuing to work with individuals for a period of time after they are hired will be vital to their success.

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