Shoreh Ershadi

About Me

A leader with clear and visible values, balancing the needs of all patients, creating products, strategies, systems and methods for achieving excellence in health and longevity, stimulating innovation, and building knowledge and capabilities. Inspire and motivate the clients and encourage all to have a younger and healthier life style. To contribute to community , to develop and to be innovative and creative.

High energy team player and frequent presenter of seminars and lectures on ANTIAGING Medicine and the latest scientific developments in Longevity.

Dr. Ershadi attended China Health Service Industry Forum (CHSI), the 8th Annual(China) World Congress on ANTIAGING Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies Expo (A4MC), The 2nd Annual Asia-Pacific ANTIAGING Medicine Summit (APAM).
Dr. Ershadi was given a Certificate for her contributions to ANTIAGING Medicine.
Be it known that the A4MC-2013 Organizing Committee has confirmed that:
Dr. Shoreh, Pharm.D., Ph.D., is an honorable member of A4MC-2013 speakers bureau.
A4MC-2013 is the academic platform sponsored by A4M, WAAM, APAAM.
The international organization of physicians and scientists dedicated to enhancing the quality and extending the length of the human lifespan.

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