Ronda Dunson

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Food Systems Consulting Group (FSCG) was established to provide Sanitation and Quality Assurance Process Improvement to the Food Industry on a broad scale. Having worked in food manufacturing over 25 years in multiple disciplines (Quality Assurance, Sanitation and Operations) at both plant and corporate levels, a unique skill set was developed towards building integrated systems. As a Consultant, that skill is used to help clients identify Sanitation and Quality Assurance Program gaps and develop systems to improve the process.

FSCG helps clients improve their process through workshops, program assessments, employee training, management training, development of written programs - policies, procedures, verification documentation and system integration. Our goal is to help clients achieve a high level of organizational effectiveness through integration of Production, Quality Assurance, Maintenance and Sanitation processes.

World Class Organizations understand the importance of system integration, its impact on finished product quality, product risk mitigation and their bottom line. So does FSCG and we help even the smallest company develop world class systems.

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