Olivia Metelanski

Owner of GTS Express, Inc.

About Me

Even with a Bachelors' degree in Biology and Psychology, the force pulling me into the logistics industry overcame all other career plans. Both my parents were in the industry: I not only possesses 6 years of experience managing logistics companies (which later became my own), but I rely upon a lifetime of experience in the transportation industry. I was determined to make a difference and repave the male dominated industry's path. My first step was getting my company known and certified as a WBE (Woman Business Enterprise).

How can one woman restructure a male dominated industry? She can't, at least not alone. What she can do is build her empire differently, inspiring women to grow in the industry with distinctive values, from their own unique roots. This is exactly what I did. GTS Express is not an "empire:" it was built on a foundation of trust, opportunity and reliability.

I understand how difficult it is for customers to trust their carriers to deliver their freight on time and untouched, due to countless inexperienced carriers diminishing carriers' reputations. We value our customers' confidence and satisfaction as it paves the way in building a prosperous and successful partnership.Our goal is to be a friend, someone you can trust and someone that will look out for your best needs.

Our principal focus in restructuring the male dominated industry is to open the doors of opportunity to women, giving them the ability to grow from their distinct roots and intrinsic values.

Being actively involved as a member of affiliated supply chain organizations, we are constantly studying changes and issues in the supply chain. As a result, our customers are able to build on our expert knowledge with the best available options, based on studied market intelligence and evidence - to minimize freight management inefficiencies by offering alternative logistics solutions, and always looking out for our customers' best interests.

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