Nicky Dare

Founder of iDARE® Inc.

About Me

I am Nicky Dare, founder of the iDare organization. I am a highly skilled professional with experience in areas including management consulting and corporate strategic planning. In addition to iDare and its global mission, I have also founded GMMC (Global Meta Management Consultants, Ltd.), a management consulting firm. Since the early 1980s I have built my career in international management consulting, specializing in business process re-engineering (BPR) and change management. I have put significant time and effort into promoting leadership and team- and relationship-building in corporate environments, as an outgrowth of my commitment to excellence, loyalty, dedication and integrity.

I was raised in Houston (Texas) in the 1970s. I completed my Bachelors' degree at the University of Houston. I later traveled throughout the U.K. (and Scotland, in particular) and Southeast Asia. I pioneered my own management consulting business without hesitation at the age of twenty one. I then earned an MBA degree at the IPMI Business School in Indonesia. I relocated to Southern California in the 1990s, where I raised my children, and where I continue to live.

I am proud to be a multilingual women's advocate, supporting my community on the committees of various charities and networking organizations. I have been a loyal ambassador to the Arthritis Foundation, and I have served as a committee member and volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life, and at local churches.

Since 2012 I have served as president of the Santa Clarita chapter of the NAPW (National Association of Professional Women). I have long dedicated myself to volunteering, which has been a personal passion of mine since my youth. I have made a lifelong journey out of the desire for helping others.

My book, "The Audacity of Veracity," was published in 2014. I am currently working on further works.

My books and the startup of the iDARE organization have been fully funded by my late father, who has been the ultimate mentor and inspiration in my life.

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