Misty Dotson, CPC, SMSA

University of Kentucky - Clinical Application Analyst, Allscripts SCM / Staff Senator | Graphics by Misty Dotson - Owner & Designer

About Me

I am a woman of many hats; the kind of woman who can't drop the ball, picks up where others leave off, and a lady of my word. Like most of us in the NAPW, I am a high-achiever out to enhance the world, and lives of women, in any way I can.

These are reasons I joined the NAPW, and why I am honored to serve as the Lexington Chapter President. I am grateful to be part of this organization that provides a platform for women to make a difference, connect, inspire, and empower each other locally, nationally, and throughout the world.

My profession is as an Application Analyst for AllScripts SCM for the University of Kentucky. Our company’s principal services are Education, Research, and of course my field, Healthcare. I also sit in an elected position of Staff Senator for the University, serving around 20k staff with my fellow Senators.

I have just began a new venture with Graphics by Misty Dotson. If you are in need of a logo, event design, or just a nice graphic for print or digital media, please check out

I am an advocate of education. Without continuing to expand our knowledge and skills, both in a classroom and real-world setting, we stop growing and connecting with the world and those around us. I hold a variety of degrees, certifications, and trainings including: Management; Leadership; Business; Photography; Graphic Arts; Marketing; Medical Billing & Coding; and Social Media Marketing Strategies & Analysis.

My hobbies include: home renovation; travel; reading; educational opportunities; and most importantly spending time with my family, pets, and friends. I am a HUGE UK Basketball fan! GO CATS!!! GO BIG BLUE!!! GO HOOPS!!! So during basketball season, games are a must.

Charities I am involved with include: American Heart Association; Dress for Success; girls, Inc; Breast Cancer Research Foundation; Ronald McDonald House; God's Pantry; KY SAVE, Animal Rescue and Advocacy; Humane Society; Habitat for Humanity; Goodwill; Salvation Army; St Jude’s; Kentucky Children’s Hospital; United Way; Alzheimer's local groups; American Diabetes Association; Susan G. Komen; Christian Appalachian Project; and Fraternal Order of Police.

I truly look forward to working with, and befriending, fellow NAPW members. If you are in the Lexington area, please join us for a meeting (check out our group page event section); or message me to grab lunch, or a cup of coffee, and chat.

Misty D. Dotson, President
NAPW Lexington Chapter

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