Megan Wessels

CEO & Founder, Powerful Partners, Inc

About Me

How do you increase your income? More clients! ✔
How do you obtain more clients? More referrals! ✔
Simple, right?

☛ The million dollar question... How do you grow your referral network?

✶ In today's world where connections can happen in an instant many professionals have forgotten the importance of building relationships first... and more importantly, HOW to do it. ✶

Founder & CEO of Powerful Partners, Megan Wessels is driven to help independent business owners develop the skill of building relationships in order to increase business referrals and open doors to new opportunities. Through mastermind groups & workshops, she takes clients through her "4 Pillars of a Powerful Partnership".

♥ PILLAR I - Solidifying Your Foundation & Enhancing Your Mindset
♥ PILLAR II - Building Relationships One-on-One
♥ PILLAR III - Optimizing Event Networking
♥ PILLAR IV - Building a System & Strategy to Stay in Touch

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With an astonishing record in 2 significant leadership positions at the National Association of Professional Women, Megan Wessels has built a sisterhood of women who bring value to each other. As Chicago Chapter President, she led an increase in membership from 250 members to over 1,400 members. In addition, she subsequently led 40 Chapter Presidents to similar success in her role as NAPW Central Regional Manager.
Megan is not only an advocate for advancing professional women, she also understands the value of mentoring young women and girls - our country's future leaders. She helped to develop the Sisterhood Mentoring Program for the NAPW Chicago Chapter and remains a dedicated mentor to a 14-year old girl through the “Friends First” program at Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.

Specialties: Referral Network, Referral Networking, Referral Program, Networking, Leadership

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