Maurie Lung

Prescott College, Arizona | Adjunct Adventure Therapy Professor

About Me

My name is Maurie Lung, LMHC, LMFT. My skills and areas of expertise include adventure and experiential counseling, supervision and oversight of all operations and staff, trainer, and author. My professional title is Executive Director at Life Adventures Consulting & Counseling LLC, which specializes in experiential counseling and consulting. I received my Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology from JFK University. I am studying for my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at California Coast University. I am currently the Board of Directors President with Association for Experimental Education. Additionally, I am a member of the Council of Research and Evaluation as well as the American Counseling Association. My hobbies and interests include sailing and backpacking. I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as Girl Scouts, U.S.A., Pathfinder Outdoor Education.

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