Lynette White

About Me

My career goal is the build my business both locally and internationally. It has always been my dream to own and operate a boutique that is geared to women of all ages. Color Creations Boutique; Developing, Empowering and Dressing the Woman Within and Enhancing the Skin She Lives In, seeks to help women understand the beauty that lies within and to use clothing, accessories and proper skin care to complement that woman. I chose the name of my company because I have a strong belief that the world of color is something that every woman can explore as she shows her brighter, stronger self-confident self to the world. I have been designing jewelry for more than twenty years and am empowered to create wearable art. Striving to assist women in their journey of confidence, I am also a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, offering clients customs looks to go along with their outfits.
I received my B.S. in Education from New York University and M.S. in Educational Supervision and Administration from the College of New Rochelle.
My skills and areas of expertise include: designing clothing, creating one of a kind crocheted items and women’s accessories.
I am drawn to, and am passionate about giving back to the community. My plan is to begin a 501 (C) 3 Mentoring Program for young women and a developmental workshop series for adult women to help them discover their own strengths and passions.

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