Linda Fisher

About Me

I am a writer and Co-Author of "Cressipes and other sprouting recipes" a cookbook that shows how to enjoy and incorporate healthful sprouts in your daily meal plan. I enjoy creating new and exciting recipes for these specialty food groups (Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan). I started with my ice creams (Coco de Cafe, Strawberry Beetgrass & Blueberry Passion Fruit) and branched out to include cakes, ice cream cake, chocolate rice puff bars, dry pizza mix and chocolate waffle mix.

I like making foods that are healthy and taste great you shouldn't feel deprived because you need or decide to eliminate certain food groups. I joined the National Association of Professional Women because I believe in their ideals; women should help other women and with their networking and other available resources, I believe that the NAPW will be a beneficial resource to Swheatez and a great way to meet other dedicated professional women.

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