Katrina Horsley-Watts

Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education® AFCPE® | Grant Program Director

About Me

Grant Program Director at AFCPE®; planning, implementation, and evaluation for grant-funded projects (NPO).

Business Management & Personal Finance--Personal Philosophy: "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right." Effectiveness and efficiency must be maintained continuously in order for a business or organization to remain profitable. Effective, timely decisions should produce desired results for the organization and its employees. Maintenance of performance standards at all levels must include strategies that promote inclusion and collaboration of efforts, driving the organization and its employees toward collective success. Operations work best when employees support, understand, and sincerely believe in the products and services they provide. This belief is then translated through our relationships with clients and consumers. Doing the right things (effectiveness), the right way (efficiency)!

Education & Training Personal Philosophy: Leading by example, with the intent to encourage others to be tenacious in their pursuit of professional, education, and vocational goals. Simply put, my experience and education is used to help others to achieve theirs. Always at your service!

Spiritual Care Personal Philosophy: Growing bodies of evidence conclude that contemplative and spiritual practice leads to better health and better concentration. Though my own life is guided by Christian principles, I see positive effects overall from the practice of spiritual and contemplation traditions, noticing how it changes peoples lives, often motivating them to make healthier choices. Achieving some form of spirituality positively affects balance in all aspects of human existence and ultimately, helps individuals improve, making us more resilient, and strengthening our communities through helpful social interaction and partnerships.

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