Jean Underwood

About Me

Hello, I am Jean Underwood and the owner of Beaverton Towing LLC. Our principal services include, towing, transport, assisting disabled motorists with tire changes, jump starts etc. The company also assists private property owners with parking issues in our area. We are also AAA affiliates, recent member of the OTTA,(Oregon Tow Truck Association) and member of the WTRAA (Women of Towing and Recovery Association of American) in our area. I have enjoyed being in this indusrty for almost 30 years now and it is a field where you never stop learning. It is gratifying to help others and to be of public service to our local police agancies and property owners. I very much enjoy working and helping our community.
When I am not working, I like to spend time with my husband, children and family. I enjoy helping our charities such as childrens hospitals, and NAMI (National Association Mental Illness). And when time does allow I like to read and crochet.

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