Jayne Magnant

About Me

My name is Jayne R. Magnant My professional title is Director of Finance and Administration at Rhino Foods, Inc., which specializes in manufacturing ice cream novelties and ice cream ingredients.

I came to Rhino in 1989 as the Office Manager / Bookkeeper. In twenty-four years here I’ve worn many hats as the company grew. I’ve stayed because Rhino has provided an environment where my thirst for learning and being challenged has been met. I’ve invested much of myself in this company and I’m proud I’ve been part of making Rhino what it is today.

In April 2011, I stepped back into the role of Director of Finance and Administration, managing the financial and information technology operations of the business; human resources was added late in 2011. I’m able to do this because of my past experience and learning on the job as well as because of the great team of employees I have working with me. They help me stay focused on the big picture as much as possible by taking on the daily operations required in each of their departments.

I am currently involved with I.M.A. and A.P.E.X. My hobbies and interests include playing golf, staying fit and enjoying being a grandmother.

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