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Financial Guide for Women

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All of us need to know the answers to four critical questions as we plan for retirement:

1) Based on what you are currently saving, what rate of return would you have to achieve on your investments to retire at your same lifestyle and have your money last for your lifetime?

2) How much more should you be saving on a monthly basis to keep your lifestyle and not run out of money?

3) If nothing changes, how much longer will you have to work to have the same lifestyle and a lifetime of income?

4) If nothing works, how much will your lifestyle have to be reduced to be confident you will not run out of money?

We all know we should be saving more money for retirement, but most of us are doing all we can. I help women answer the four critical questions, and then I help them find money they are currently losing- unknowingly and unnecessarily- so they can save more.

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