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About Me

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."- Matthew 5:16

My passion is to share what I have learned with those who are truly trying to make a positive impact in the marketplace, looking to grow their business the right way and to be able to compete with the big boys. You see what I have found is businesses forget the importance of integrity, working with excellence, being fair when it comes to business transactions, valuing your people, and staying relevant. They take their employees and customers for granted, and end up losing them to their competitors who can add greater value to their business or team. I want to expose the darkness in the marketplace and bring light by teaching Kingdom principles and enabling business owners, management, and professionals to identify their God given gifts and abilities in order to be effective leaders, accelerate their business, and grow their market share.

Selected as Review It Magazine's 7th Annual Most Influential Woman in Business for 2017, Edna has credited all her success and tenacity to overcome life's challenges to her reliance on the Word of God and her relentless faith. She serves as the Chairman Elect for 2018 and Board Member for the Spring Klein Chamber of Commerce and the Houston Gateway Academy, a charter school that has about 2200 students spread over three campuses. She is also the residing President for the NAPW Woodlands Chapter. She is a public speaker whose messages are geared towards Entrepreneurs, Leaders, or Women. She is KHOU's local business coach of choice for the Spring, Tomball, Champions, and Woodlands area. Edna is the CEO and Founder of Favor and Wealth which is a business and personal growth consulting firm based in the Galleria that works exclusively with Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Leaders of startups, emerging, established, and struggling businesses and organizations globally to improve and transform business and personnel performance. Edna is from the island of Oahu, Hawaii who moved to Houston in Dec 2005 in hopes of fulfilling her dreams to change the marketplace and impact the world for the better. She graduated from the Bauer Business College and the Program for Excellence in Selling at the University of Houston with a degree in Marketing and International Studies. She is an Innovative Growth Strategist and Speaker whose passion is to teach and implement Kingdom (biblical) principles in the marketplace enabling business owners, management, and professionals to identify their God given gifts and abilities to be effective leaders and accelerate their business. She is a Certified John Maxwell Trainer, Speaker, and Coach and well versed in building strategic partnerships through persuasion, negotiation and personal presence. She has demonstrated over 14 years of success in B2B Sales, management, operations, project management, recruiting, and marketing roles across various industries including industrial, engineering, IT, restaurants, tourism, education, logistics, and retail. She has a proven track record for building relationships, cultivating partnerships, improving processes, and growing businesses. Over the past eight years, she has secured over $500 million of business for employers she has worked for and clients she has coached. She is a published author of a book called the Ugly Side of Sales, which goal is to stop sugar coating sales and expose what truly happens behind closed doors. She provides practical business applications, innovative ideas, and marketing strategies she has used in the past to win and grow business for companies and clients alike.

Fun Facts about Me:

- I am from the island of Oahu, Hawaii… but I don't know how to swim.
- I am a Licensed Financial Advisor/Insurance Agent, Personal Trainer, and Commercial Real Estate Investor. (I love to challenge myself.)
- I have a blog called the Diary of a Virtuous Woman and Relentless Daughter of Zion.
- I hate ginger.
- I was featured on FOX News for a Boxing Segment (Don't mess with me!)
- I like to greet people with a hug (even if it's my first time meeting you.)
- I enjoy reading books and watching documentaries (Yes… I am a nerd.)
- I am in love with an Apache Helicopter Pilot (a Major in the proud of my soldier.)
- I love to travel all over the world and collect spoons (have visited 24 countries).

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