Anne Tipper

business founder, owner and CEO

About Me

With over twenty years of both corporate and small business experience, I am known for creating clear actionable steps for business success. I have been recognized for my ability to employ a developmental leadership style, break down complex issues into attainable solutions and create process efficiencies. I am an accomplished leader, director, analyst, project manager, trainer and business coach & consultant.

Starting as an entry level secretary, I successfully worked my way up the corporate ladder at the Home Depot, holding such positions as Flooring Buyer, Finance & HR Analyst, Regional Specialty Manager and Regional Operations Manager, among others. I ended her Home Depot career as the Regional Director of Operations, covering a five-state territory and $3 billion in revenue.

After leaving Home Depot in 2013, I founded AT Development Solutions (to help women entrepreneurs) and the co-brand Tangible Tools (focusing on the development of women's roles in the corporate world). I work to help women create clear steps towards their defined vision, so they can accomplish these goals and enjoy a sustainable and successful career, both as entrepreneurs and corporate achievers.

I am also the CFO for Point of Solutions, and I sit on the Board of Directors of the Celtic Life & Heritage Foundation.

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