Leadership Quality Coach at ADP in Elk Grove Village, IL

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ADP is hiring a Leadership Quality Coach. In this position you will be responsible for coaching leaders on developing leadership and coaching skills with particular focus on developing performance management skills. Responsible for coaching leaders on identifying associates needing additional coaching support, on coaching to behaviors and on strengthening managers' and executives' overall coaching skills and coaching effectiveness. Responsible for working with leaders to help them customize coaching plans specific to their associates' needs and designed to address specific behavioral performance drivers. Will partner with the leader to analyze relevant team scorecard metrics, identify team and individual performance gaps, determine performance patterns and trends and observe team members in order to identify causal factors.
The Leadership Coach may focus on helping to coach and develop leadership talent, including the development of new team leads and new managers. Depending on the Coach's experience and expertise, may also focus on further developing experienced managers and/or executives in order to drive strong performance management from the top down.

The Leadership Coach will develop and maintain minimum skill requirements for coaching competencies as determined and documented by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

The Leadership Coach will work closely within the Learning and Performance, Client Experience and Strategy groups to identify and communicate trends identified in the business to facilitate positive change across the organization.

At ADP we are driven by your success. We engage your unique talents and perspectives. We welcome your ideas on how to do things differently and better. In your efforts to achieve, learn and grow, we support you all the way. If success motivates you, you belong at ADP.

We strive for every interaction to be driven by our CORE values: Insightful Expertise, Integrity is Everything, Service Excellence, Inspiring Innovation, Each Person Counts, Results-Driven, & Social Responsibility.


Performance Management Coaching

* Coach leader to analyze performance metrics and identify performance gaps, patterns and trends with particular focus on performance outliers.
* Coach leader to prioritize coaching opportunities based on reporting and other significant data sources.
* Coach leader to conduct observations to identify specific behavioral drivers enabling or inhibiting individual performance.
* Coach leader to establish a root cause hypothesis for performance gaps
* Coach leader to establish individual coaching plans, tailored to individual associates, including frequency of coaching events, types of events, and the frequency and duration for each type of event.
* Provide leaders with coaching support to effectively coach to behaviors and to generally improve performance management skills
* Assist leaders as needed with using the appropriate technology (e.g. NICE) to conduct and document coaching observations
* Assist leaders in using the appropriate technology (e.g., NICE) to review and analyze team evaluations, accompanying client interactions, scorecard metrics and systems data (e.g., IEX, CMS, Clarify) for performance gaps and trends Leadership and Coaching Skills Support

* Coach leaders to assess team performance strengths and opportunities and to develop overall strategies for enhancing team performance
* Coach leaders to identify specific organizational, process and system drivers enabling or inhibiting individual or team performance
* Coach leaders, mentors and associate mentor coaches to assess his/her basic leadership and coaching skill strengths and opportunities, to identify his/her development objectives and to establish action plans for closing gaps and/or for leveraging and building upon strengths.
* Coach leaders to determine additional action plans where non-coaching interventions are appropriate, whether other performance interventions or those related to organizational or physical improvements.
* As needed, coach leaders in establishing trust, providing effective feedback and in conducting effective one-on-one's
* Partner with assigned coaches and coachee sponsors to establish a coaching agreement, including specific individual coaching objectives
* Execute against the coaching agreement for all coaching assignments
* Document agreed upon next steps established during coaching sessions
* Support the design of additional training, coaching workshops and/or job aides to be used as situational learning examples in support of the development of leadership and coaching skills.
* Recommend best practices, strategies and/or prescriptions for addressing key performance drivers
* Coaching assignments may be a combination of internal and external client support team leads, mentors, high-potential emerging leaders, managers, directors and/or executives and may include Teledata, Client Services, and Implementation as well as other supporting internal client facing roles such as Sales Help Desk, Technical Support Specialists, Retention Specialists, etc. as necessary across the business unit
* Coaching assignments will include leaders from multiple locations/regions
* Coaching objectives may be a combination of performance management, leadership, coaching and individual development objectives as established in the coaching agreement.
* Participate in regularly scheduled coaching skills practice sessions to further build and maintain coaching skills as determined by the ICF Quality and Business Process Innovation

* Using insights gained from observations, analyze trends at the team, functional, regional and national levels and regularly provide reporting on observed trends and their business impact along with insights and recommendations regarding root causes of observed trends.
* Analyze call and/or interaction trends to identify training opportunities and communicate opportunities to SBS executive leadership.
* Provide immediate feedback to direct managers on any observed ethics violation, security breach, or inaccurate information provided to a client by an associate within that manager's organization
* Participate in scheduled Quality and/or Client Experience calibration sessions to ensure consistent quality measures across SBS
* Routinely maintain applicable product and/or business knowledge, skills and system knowledge needed to effectively and efficiently coach performance
* Performs other related duties as assigned. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED:

* 3 - 5 years Experience as high performing Call Mentor, New Hire Mentor, Coach, or equivalent required
* Leadership experience OR ICF credential required
* Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent in education and experience with a Major Area of Concentration in Business Administration, HR, or Organizational Development




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