Field Office Admin, Senior at PARSONS in Albuquerque, NM

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The preferred candidate for this position should have an engineering technician background or engineering degree as well as some amount of experience dealing with utilities such as electricity, gas, and water.  One of the primary functions of this role will be to provide support to the Kirtland AFB Civil Engineering Operations Department in collecting energy use data from the multiple meters on the base, determining the allocation of power costs to the various Base tenants, and generating invoices for these tenants.  The current system used to perform this task is outdated and Kirtland is also looking for help to update their processes.
The preferred candidate shall also have some Project Management experience.  A secondary role for this position will be to provide technical and project management oversight for an upcoming meter replacement project on the base.
Other tasks anticipated for this role include reviewing technical proposals and cost estimates from Contractors for engineering projects on the base, writing technical scopes of work for future engineering projects, and attending project briefings.
To the extent authorized and as directed by 377 MSG/CENB, the selected candidate shall provide review, assessment, and evaluation of technical and financial submissions provided to the Base Civil Engineer (BCE) in support of the Kirtland AFB BMC.
Provide planning and facilitation/partnering support associated with meetings, conferences, community forums, training sessions, and decision-making activities.  Provide visual/oral presentations as requested by 377 MSG/CENB.  Reproduction of these materials in large quantities, or if special multi-media services are necessary shall be supported by government resources.
Develop materials and deliverables related to consulting and facilitation services.  The materials and deliverables may include comment packages, reports, plans, strategies, workbooks, transparencies, graphics, correspondence and staff summaries for signatures, and training manuals.  Reproduction of these materials in large quantities, or if special multi-media services are necessary (e.g. videos, training manuals reproduction, etc.) shall be supported by government resources.
Attends project meetings, as needed, to give status of project reviews, active projects, or other documents and to be kept current on project status.
Performs other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.
4-year degree, or equivalent utilities-related work experience,
5-8 years of experience.  Experience with utilities is a must.

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