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Nicky Dare We are excited to be part of transition of the new IAW International Association of Women. So this month, we celebrate this exciting change with our chapter and new Leadership Team members at our monthly meeting. Our January meeting will be held this coming Tuesday, January 30. RSVP is required. We will be meeting at our office in Stevenson Ranch to share all of new exciting announcements. New members are strongly encouraged to attend. Current members please bring guest(s). Click on link to get more details:
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    Nicky Dare Wishing you all joy in your home and peace in your world this holiday season and always. From my family to yours Xo See you all in 2018 be good to each other xoxo
  • Dec 22, 2017
    Nicky Dare On behalf of Santa Clarita chapter, we would like to say THANK YOU for another great year! We look forward to seeing you all again soon in 2018. Our chapter meeting is being scheduled on Tuesday, January 23, 2018. We are currently accepting applications for new members in our Leadership Team / Board. Deadline to submit is by January 15. We will announce the names in our January meeting. Thank you. Be sure to RSVP here:
  • Dec 16, 2017
    Western Region Support
  • Dec 05, 2017
    Nicky Dare [REMINDER] Please join us at our last meeting this year :) !! Celebrate Year-End and Annual Award Recognition this coming Tuesday, December 12 at Salt Creek Grille in Valencia (6-8pm). Find out who will be named as our 2017 Award Recognition! Please please RSVP ! Email us at: - or - RSVP here:
  • Dec 05, 2017
    Irma Vargas  💁Last year on Black Friday these luxury hair care products did 1 Million in sales just in one day!!!  😮In October of 2017 the company went from a 300 million dollar company to a 500 million dollar company in 30 days!!!  In the next year which is just their 4th year of business....the company is projected to be a billion dollar company and be #1 in ALL of hair care products (P.S.- it took many other well known companies 30+ years to build a billion dollar brand)  These products help regrow hair, strengthen hair, add volume, add fullness, and turn back the time by using naturally based ingredients!!!  ❌They say NO to toxic ingredients & harmful chemicals & their hairspray actually helps protect from UV rays and has an active ingredient to regrow hair!!!  And guess what???? With all of these sales they still have a less than 1% return rate!!!  Get on my Black Friday list by going to my site and sending me an email:
  • Nov 22, 2017
    Western Region Support
  • Nov 07, 2017
    Marguerite Berg, M.Ed., M.Psych., CPC I'm new to the group! When is the next chapter meeting?
  • Oct 27, 2017 1 Comments
    Nicky Dare As a fellow member and friend, I personally would like to invite you all to attend this Annual ShakeOut, Earthquake Safety Preparedness drill where we all can practice to stay safe during the next big one! We started practicing for decades, but recently this drill has became recognized worldwide. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!! It is FREE and available for: Outdoor, Indoor, as well as virtual. Thursday, October 19 at 10:19am PST worldwide. Our goal is to SAVE LIVES, by educating disaster risk reduction and sustainability. There are 9.8 million people registered to participate the Annual ShakeOut 2017. 112,815 participants are registered by 956 non-profit organizations for Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills worldwide in 2017. There are 151 non-profit organizations registered for the 2017 California ShakeOut in Los Angeles County, with a total of 25,201 participants. Everyone, everywhere, should know how to protect themselves during earthquake - at work, at school, at home, or even while traveling. • Do you know what to do when the shaking starts ? • Have you made your survival disaster kit ? • How will you communicate with your family after an earthquake ? Join us and learn what to do by participating in this Annual Shakeout, the world's largest earthquake drill. For the International ShakeOut Day (every third Thursday of October; in 2017, October 19th) For the millions participating in ShakeOut, this provides awareness and confirmation that they are participating in a community effort. RSVP is required. This is FREE and open to everyone. RSVP 10am [outdoor] RSVP 1pm [indoor] If you are unable to attend at 10:19am for ANNUAL SHAKEOUT to practice Earthquake Safety Preparedness of "DROP, COVER, HOLD ON" worldwide, here's the VIRTUAL mode: TUNE IN HERE: Please post and share and invite everyone. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! CERT member, Community Emergency Response Team
  • Oct 18, 2017
    Martha Sue Yeary What if you could make a living … living??? Now you can! Welcome to the World of Travel & Technology! I want to invite you to a very special cross-country Tour event being held in the evening in Los Angeles on Saturday October 21th. Come have a fun time learning how to make a living … living … from the top leaders of the #1 travel club in the world. Please call me, Martha Sue Yeary, at 619-453-6337 (Pacific Time in San Diego) and I will give you the details for the event.
  • Oct 13, 2017

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