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Kaluwa Ruit Ghalikar, CHHC, AADP Is this sabotaging your success? (video)
The final push to the top - YouTube
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    Deborah Luxton Wednesday Wisdom for Women Who Lead
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    Stacey Abrahams FREE MICRODERMABRASION PASTE OFFER! A FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING!! For the next week (ends Feb. 28th), NEW preferred customers who purchase a regimen or regimen bundle will receive a FREE jar of Microdermabrasion Paste ($80 value). This incredible high glide, oil free, salt-sugar scrub not only makes your skin baby soft, but also: •removes dull dry skin for better product results •preps for tanner or spray tan •gets rid of blackheads •exfoliates lips, chest, neck, hands, elbows, heels and knees •helps with keratosis pilaris (AKA chicken skin) combined with Soothe sensitive skin treatment •depending on how much you use a day, lasts for up to 6 months Already a Preferred Customer? Refer someone to me, and I’ll gift YOU this must-have exfoliator too!! Email me at
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    Lily Ramos Hello everyone! I am with Magnolia and Vine...We believe every woman is beautiful and unique, so we designed our exclusive jewelry and accessories to be fully interchangeable. Customize the pieces according to personality and style, attaching favorite Snaps, Accents, and accessories. There are hundreds of options and endless possibilities, and changing things up is oh-so easy. Pearls one day, peridot the next. Visit my website: www.mymagnoliaandvine,com/lily Keep in mind, IAW Members receive a free gift! Happy shopping!
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    Terri Troness
    Virtual Office
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    Terri Troness I am selling Young Living products. I am so excited to tell you every product is well worth the money! Every oil used that you replace other products that contain so many harmful chemicals is beneficial to you! You will be living healthier and happier in the long haul! believe me incorporating and utilizing Young Living products is not hard at all! Join me with the Young Living family and have fun while you work and play! Contact me anytime or visit
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    Stacey Abrahams PRESIDENT’S DAY FREE SAMPLE MINI-FACIALS GIVEAWAY!!! I just got my hands on some Give it a Glow mini-facial samples. I’m looking for 5 people who’ve never tried the #1 SKINCARE brand in North America! If that’s you and you’ve been wanting to know what all the hype is about, email me now. These will get scooped up quickly so get yours before they’re gone!
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    Deborah Luxton Join the movement, because you only have One Life to THRIVE!
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    Terri Troness If you are looking for a safe and effective essential oil product, Young Living Essential Oils may be the perfect fit for you! Our product is "natural and organic". I myself was skeptical before trying this product, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I utilize these oils myself every day, and have found they are well worth the price. I have more than 20 different oils I personally use, as well as other products. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, you can contact me at Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!
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    Stacey Abrahams Is our skincare organic or natural? I get this question a lot. For those wondering about the safety of our products, fellow consultant Taylor Collins sheds light on the issue: "This whole ‘natural and organic’ debate is alive and well. I get asked that question a LOT. So allow me to clarify some things. IF you’re looking for organic and chemical free skincare that is EFFECTIVE ... I found it! It’s in that image below. See it? It’s empty. Friends, the reality is, unless you are pulling vegetables from the ground, puréeing them and putting them directly on your face, then you’re not using anything chemical free. If you bought it from a shelf/store, it has chemicals in it. Period. No way around that. And it's probably not doing much to improve your skin. Organic labeled products are GREAT for cleaning and hydrating your skin. But if you are looking to IMPROVE your skin, you need medical-grade products safely created to specifically deliver a healthy change to your skin. Rather than trust your skin to a blogger, why not trust your skin to Stanford-trained Doctors with a combined 50 years of dermatological experience? I happen to know two. If you want IMPROVEMENT, I can help you with that. All day, everyday." SAFETY has always been The Doctor's #1 priority!” Email me to get started on the road to changing your skin on a cellular level -and IMPROVING it! New preferred customers who mention this post will receive a complimentary gift from me with their first order.
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