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Stacey Abrahams
  • 2 minutes ago
    Debbie Luxton As you begin your week, take time to examine your heart. Your influence flows from the condition of your heart. -- What do you find: * hurt, confusion, sadness? * joy, peace, gratitude? -- It is good to listen intently, acknowledge it honestly, and to take appropriate action.
  • about 16 hours ago 4 Comments
    Lynda Bast YES!! IT'S THAT GOOD😀 🙋 #Weight loss...Plexus 😶 Trouble Focusing...Plexus 😪 #Allergies...Plexus ☀️ Sun Damage...Plexus 😬 #Skin issues...Plexus 💅 Bad nails, bad hair...Plexus 😡 #Headaches...Plexus 😩 Aches and #Pains...Plexus 💩Constipated.. Plexus 😳 Gas and #Bloating...Plexus 😴 Lack of #Energy...Plexus 😵 Lack of Sleep...Plexus 🍩 #Sugar #Cravings...Plexus 🏋 Need Pre workout...Plexus 💋 Make people feel good about themselves...Plexus If you said "wow that's me" to any one of the things I listed, why not give Plexus a shot?? What if it works?? What if your "feel great" days can start ASAP??! Let's see what we can do to start you on your way to healthandwellness, great hair, better sleep, weight loss/management, or all day energy TODAY!! 💟👍
  • 1 day ago
    Stacey Abrahams Jenn Riese is a mom of three, lives in Silicon Valley, and is an Angel Investor. She has a background in marketing, business development, and non profit and has been an investor for the past 5 years. Find out why she thinks Rodan + Fields makes good business sense. If you want to see if this is a right fit for you- message me to add you to a virtual event happening on Facebook this week. Or email me at Listen to her recorded call at:
  • 1 day ago
    Stacey Abrahams Meet my fellow biz partner Dr. ilana Galgut from Australia. Her story is yet another reason I'm so passionate about this opportunity! "Something incredible just happened. I realised a mind-blowing fact! I studied medicine in South Africa for 7 years to become a doctor, then did a Diploma in Child Health over the next 2 years. Then I moved to Australia. It took another 3 years for the AMC medical degree conversion exams. Then GP specialising RACGP for another 3 years. (And I NEVER ever wanted to be a GP - but immigrants can’t be choosers). And in September 2017, my first month zero of 14 days of my new skincare business, I earned 20% of what I used to earn pre breast cancer! And 30% of what my current income has been for the past 6 years! And this was without ‘selling’ at work or in my private time, as I was overseas in Alaska and at the R+F Convention for 1 of those weeks! This is HUGE stuff! And it’s showing me the cup is half full (even more, almost overflowing, in fact) in my crazy little world of singleness, sick kids, no family to support me in any way in Australia & breast cancer/seronegative arthritis. It’s showing me that my new motto of: ‘I lost my boobs and grew some balls’ may be working for me in my world where very little else is!" Want to know more. Email me -
  • 3 days ago 1 Comments
    Doris Anderson Good afternoon everyone! I am Doris Anderson and I am a new member of NAPW. I am very excited to be here. I am equally excited to have the opportunity to meet with such talented women as you. My company is the Information Service Center, LLC which is an Administrative Secretarial Service. I have been typing since the 11th grade. I have worked as an Administrative Assistant for the past 30 years, 8 of those years as an Administrative Manager and 5 years in my own company. How often are the Chapter meetings and when are they held? Looking forward to an interesting yet exciting adventure!
  • 3 days ago 1 Comments


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