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Consuella Vance Are you looking to work from home? We have the solution for you! Arise Virtual Solutions offers work at home jobs taking incoming calls from the comfort of your own home. If you have high speed internet, a dedicated telephone line, a headset and a quiet room to work from, this may be the answer for you. Set your own hours, pick the company you wish to provide services to, and the comprehensive training is 100% online. A background check and a voice assessment are required, there are some fees associated with this opportunity as well. You will be contracted to take incoming customer service calls for Fortune 500 companies in telecommunications, travel, theme parks, and more. To get started, visit our website to connect with an Arise Virtual Solutions contracted Independent Business Owner near you who will help you get signed up, enrolled in the best opportunity and help you become successful. Your next work-at-home opportunity is waiting. You can also respond to this job posting with your resume and contact information. An Arise Virtual Solutions contracted Independent Business Owner will contact you within 48 hours. *USA only. Please note that we do not accept candidates from the following states: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon or Wisconsin.
  • Jun 04, 2016
    Joan Washburn, ACC I am honored to have been chosen to be featured in this month's SOAR TO SUCCESS magazine. It's interesting reading about the pivotal points in your life from another person's perspective. They captured it perfectly. Reading the first page of the article really hit me in the gut. No other way to say it. http://soartosuccessmagazine.com/ Please let me know if you can relate! If you are a smart driven professional woman, I'll be amazed if you don't! jw@washburnendeavours.com http://soartosuccessmagazine.com/
  • May 26, 2016
    Local Chapter Central Region Administrative Assistant Sarah-Olivia Gordon Did you know the NAPW Akron, OH Chapter is looking for a Chapter President? If you are interested in this great leadership opportunity, contact Misty Marmolejo mistymarmolejo@gmail.com.
  • May 19, 2016
    Anitra Bunn Good morning beautiful ladies of NAPW! To the mothers, I hope you all had a fantastic Mother's Day as I did. For those who are not mothers yet, I hope if you are still blessed to have your mother in your life, you had a great day celebrating her this past Sunday. My name is Anitra and I am an author from Philadelphia. Are there any avid readers in this group?
  • May 11, 2016
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  • May 03, 2016
    Salimah Hunter
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  • Apr 10, 2016
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  • Mar 18, 2016
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  • Mar 09, 2016
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  • Feb 26, 2016
    Sheila Pesarchick Good day, ladies! My name is Sheila Pesarchick and I'm a recent addition to the NAPW organization. I'm excited to be a part of this fantastic group! I'm reaching out to you all - from one member to another - to ask for 2 minutes of your time. Below, you'll find a link to a survey. This survey is a market test to gauge interest in a new business venture I've been working on for nearly 3 years. After much planning and preparation, we're finally about ready to launch this product in the USA! What I need now is support from my fellow NAPW contacts. Please take a moment to complete the survey (via Survey Monkey) by Monday 3/7. Your help is greatly appreciated! For more information on our product, launch, and discounts please don't hesitate to contact me! Sincerely, Sheila Pesarchick sheila@relospecs.com 440-781-3880
  • Feb 24, 2016

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