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Maria Runnels Hello Ladies, As we approach the holiday season, this is the time of year where food becomes a major factor. But are you getting the true nutrition your body really needs? You are all invited to take a FREE health assessment that will provide you with a customized nutrition plan, individually tailored especially for you based on the information you provide. Learn which pharmaceutical grade vitamins (no GMO, soy, gluten, fillers or preservatives) your body needs to address the symptoms you may be experiencing, and how they can help! (and can also aid in weight loss!) Please visit: Remember - "Your HEALTH is your true WEALTH, " and "Healthy is the new SEXY!":
  • 4 days ago
    Mary Tulumovich Hello ladies, do we have any commercial real estate members or can you recommend anyone? I am only looking for those who are in commercial real estate ONLY, no residential please. Thanks so much!
  • 7 days ago
    Julie Parker Join Us Tues 11/28/17 @ 10AM FREE live event: "Dress to Manifest!" A powerful, eye-opening, and inspiring presentation to discover how your personal style can unlock your earning potential! Space is limited! Register here!
  • Nov 16, 2017
    Julie Parker REMINDER: FREE networking event tonight 6pm - 8pm for anyone local in Houston! Details here:
  • Nov 07, 2017
    Julie Parker Reminder: FREE Live Event on Wednesday, Nov 1st @10am! "How To Kick-Start Your Sales Pipeline Like a Pro (in One Week or Less)!" Presented by the creator of "The Business Mapping Method", Terra Bohlmann (2016 eWomenNetwork Managing Director of the Year). Space is limited...grab your spot!
  • Oct 30, 2017
    Julie Parker FREE Event, Nov 1st: "How To Kick-Start Your Sales Pipeline Like a Pro (in One Week or Less)!" Do you need to grow your sales pipeline before the holidays? Are you ready to use a proven system to generate new opportunities in less than one week? Want to learn a proven Quick-Start Sales Strategy? Want to learn how to turn prospects into buyers? Ready to learn how to pump life back into dead leads! Want the secret to keep your sales pipeline stead well after your kick-start? Terra Bohlmann, the creator of "The Business Mapping Method", is a business coach for entrepreneurs and business professionals. She uses proven tools, techniques and systems to solve complex business issues. What you will learn: • 5 things you must have in place to make selling much easier on you • The exact steps to create an influx of sales opportunities within one week • Tools and apps you can use to keep your leads organized (and save you time) • How to sell without being too “sales-y” (even if you really need the sale) • New ways to nurture prospects that will have them saying “You are everywhere!” • The secret to keep your sales pipeline steady (well after the kick-start) Terra specializes in defining unique sales processes to help reduce the sales cycle to serve more customers in less time. She loves to teach others how to take prospects from free consultations to happy, paying customers. As a former consultant to multi-million dollar companies, Terra uses her signature business framework to help others work smarter, not harder. She has a huge passion for travel but calls Houston, Texas home where she lives with her husband of 15+ years and their 3 boys (including a set of twins!) Terra is the 2016 eWomenNetwork Managing Director of the Year, a member of the Forbes Magazine Coaches Council & teaches as an adjunct professor at Lone Star College. She's an active blogger and posts on Facebook + Instagram to document her life's adventures and to share business wisdom. You can learn more & read (funny and truthful) stories on her website “How to Kick-Start Your Sales Pipeline Like a Pro (in One Week or Less)” • Need to grow your sales pipeline before the holidays? • Ready to use a proven system that will help generate new opportunities in less than one week? Terra will teach you her “Quick-Start Sales Strategy” and break down what you need to know to turn prospects into buyers and pump life back into dead leads. She’ll even teach her secret to keep your sales pipeline steady well after your kick-start. You won’t want to miss this! FREE Event!! Space is limited so register soon! Event Sponsor: Natalie Coyle “Queen of Social Media” and owner of: Shooting Star Promotions, with over 14 years’ experience in marketing, sales, realtor relations, social media and events. Natalie helps business owners find the right mix of products that suit their needs and ensures growth. She offers a-la-carte marketing services including Social Media, Email Marketing and Relationship Marketing Management. Natalie Coyle 713-253-6507
  • Oct 27, 2017

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