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Rea Waldon, Ph.D. I am seeking members that would be willing to serve in a leadership capacity for the Chapter. If you are interested please contact me at
  • Sep 07, 2017
    Heather Ebbecke Hello ladies! My name is Heather Ebbecke. I run a financial planning practice with Northwestern Mutual. I am relocating my business to the Cincinnati/Dayton area in October and would love the opportunity to network on a one-on-one basis with all of you! Please contact me at 513.309.2867 (cell) or and we can set up a time to connect. I look forward to many one-on-ones to see how we can help each other!
  • Aug 30, 2017
    Judith ("Judi") Lawrence Hi Ladies in Cincinnati: So one might wonder, why is a notary company located in Pennsylvania writing to people based in Cincinnati? The answer is simple … we want to help any of your Pennsylvania clients. We offer 24/7/365 Notary Services including weekends and holidays. One of the most important ways we can assist you is if you have a client who is vacationing or traveling in Pennsylvania and needs to close on an agreement or a property back in Cincinnati. You would just call Center City Notary at 215-870-3103 and ask us about our “Power Closing”. Our expert notaries will make sure the documents are signed and properly notarized. We will then scan the documents and email them to whomever you designate back in Cincinnati. That will include a Power of Attorney so that a representative can handle the closing. Important to note that the Power of Attorney is specific to the precise closing and cannot be used for anything else. The documents can then be overnighted. This can be done at our location or at a location of your choice. We also handle Apostilles nationwide which you can read about on our website. In addition, please check out our website for other services including, but not limited to, I-9 Verifications, Contracts and Deeds. . Please feel free to message me for further information or just to say hi. Judith
    Center City Notary
    We offer a full ine of notary services, from apostiles, auto tags, car title transfers, notary, mobile and traveling 24 hour notary. We do Real Estate and Mortgage closings, Pow...
  • Aug 02, 2017
    Lisa Renee "Redesigning Specialists" - From floor to ceiling we create an attractive yet functional decor to fit the way you live.
  • Jul 26, 2017
    Iris Williams You might be interested in this free workship:
  • Jul 05, 2017
    Heather Ebbecke Hello ladies! I am a new member of NAPW and I am excited to network with other professional women! I am trying to network in the Cincinnati area. I live currently in Morgantown, WV but am planning on moving back to the Cincinnati area in the future and would like to not skip a beat in my practice when I make the transition. I run a holistic financial planning practice with Northwestern Mutual and help my clients create security. I would love to connect with some of you ladies and I am reaching out for two-fold: 1) I would like to take you through our process to see if you find any value in holistic financial planning, and 2) I would like to see if you can and I can benefit from being a referral source for one another! I look forward to meeting a lot of you!
  • Jun 29, 2017

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