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Medical Discounts For You

Dear Business owners...Benefits are like music to employees' ears--and keeping them healthy helps your business stay strong. If you can't offer a health care plan; now you can offer Medical Discounts for $49.95 p/m that will keep them more than happy. Small businesses that have less than 50 full time workers can utilize our program. Available through will help business owners find the perfect one-size-fits-all plan to keep your employees, and in turn your business,... Read More


Radio Gallery for caregivers & families

Carolyn A. Brent’s has her own show on the Why Wait? station:  Every Wednesday at 5:00pm PST- 8:00pm EST. You can listen to the current weekly broadcast or program archives. You can also download audio in the mp3 format (just click on the program title below) and take the Why Wait? broadcast with you wherever  you go. How can parents help young men choose their best paths? Bringing innovation to the funeral-home business Twenty year journey with PKD in t... Read More


Seek for local architect firms with health care experiences

We are looking for local architect firms have health care experiences.  If you are interested in, please send in your SF330 form to Or you need more detail, please send in inquire via email. Thanks for your reply in advance. We need to receive no later than this Friday (March 9th). Stephanie Oboe Galaxy Management Read More


Long Term Care Insurance

The greatest threat to the financial security of middle income Americans is the cost of long-term medical care. Our nation’s middle class can insure their cars against theft of damage, their houses against flood, fire and earthquakes, their children against the cost of college and braces, and their families against the risk of an early death. But when it comes to insuring the single greatest threat to their life savings and emotional reserves—the costs of long term care, Americans ha... Read More


RiteHealth Solutions Monthly Newsletter

I would like to offer a free subscription to our monthly newsletter, the most recent issues have been focused on Health Care Reform and its impact on business. To subscribe, please send an email to Read More

Claudia A Rayome
RN, Out Patient Surgery
St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center
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