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Latest Book "Living the Call of God" Nominated for an EPIC Award

Today, I got the most exciting email from EPIC-- Dear Barbara Garro, Congratulations! Your entry Living the Call of God has been named a finalist in the Non-Fiction category in EPIC's eBook Competition for 2015. Your finalist certificate and a copy of the finalist logo are attached. Feel free to display the logo on your website or social media pages. A list of all finalists will be posted on EPIC's website shortly. We hope you can join us at EPICon-2015 in San Antonio, Texas. The gala awards... Read More


December 12 at 10:44 AM ET

LinkedIn Update

NAPW is Going Regional on LinkedIn! Dear KOPChapter Members, corporate has set up 5 Regional groups for NAPW members to join. Now we have the opportunity to connect with an even larger and more targeted group of women! Our NYC Chapter has moved to the NAPW East Region, and you can click the links below to join the region(s) of your choice: NAPW WEST REGION • NAPW NORTH REGION • NAPW EAST REGION • NAPW SOUTH REGION • NAPW CENTRAL REGION Read More


Blog Post: Make New Room for Powerful, Nurturing Relationships

In virtually every aspect of our life, we are in a relationship - whether it is with yourself, significant other, co-workers, friends, family, or more. Our lives are a web of interconnecting relationships, and they can bring us as much join as they do pain and sorrow. There are essentially two types of relationships - 1) relationships that are nurturing, and are key to our growth and development; 2) relationships that are destructive, limiting, and impede our ability to experience life fully an... Read More


Upcoming Website Changes

The Power Hour included some interesting information about upcoming changes and improvements to the NAPW website and professional development tools. It sounds a lot like they will be implementing some features very similar to those from LinkedIn. Members will be able to set up enhanced career profiles and share articles. There will be a new site you can sign up on called where you can create a job profile and search for jobs and post jobs. Sign up on the site is included with membe... Read More

National Association of Professional Women Hi Paula,

Thank you for your comment and providing feedback about the webinar. We are glad you enjoyed it! 

Please continue to lookout for more information about the new changes and additions. 
December 2 at 10:52 AM ET

Webinar on December 1st.

Many of you have seen a couple of invites to attend an upcoming NAPW Power Hour on December 1st. I'd like to encourage you all to RSVP to this one. They will be talking about some membership benefits and website changes as well as social media updates and local chapter information. I plan to attend and I'll be taking notes so I can share the highlights with our local group for those who can't sign in and view the webinar. It is 4:00 p.m. our time, so some of you may still be at work. I look fo... Read More


Bridging Business with the Arts

Hello! I am Dena Davis, the Executive Director of ACTion Performance & Leadership. We are a group of professional actors and performers with a background in business, who bring our unique skills to the corporate world to improve authenticity and performance skills. As business evolves, the most successful, cutting edge companies are the ones investing in their staff and management - understanding that an empowered, invested and informed individual will become a powerful, dynamic & effective pion... Read More


Christmas Party Tuesday 12-2 7-8:30pm

Our Tuesday December 2nd our Chapter will be having our Christmas Party $10/person at Avita Senior Living at Rolling Hills, 609 S. Maize COURT from 7-8:30pm. RSVP by sending a $10/per person check made out to Avita, mail it to Alanna Felkins at 11703 W Delano St., Wichita, KS 67212 to be received by November 29th. There will be heavy appetizers and a cash bar. There will be a gift exchange. Bring a wrapped gift with a cost of up to $20 to exchange if you want to participate. Dorothy Elder wil... Read More


Get Ready for 2015!! Ladies come and Dance your BUTs OFF, no not the butt you sit on its the ones you live in!!

Come dance your ‘buts’ off , release your blocks, tone your self esteem, and so much more! Remember - these aren’t the butts you sit on - they’re the ‘buts’ you live in! Have you got some ‘buts’ to dance off? Ever said, “I wish I could change careers… but it’s too late now…” or “I want to say what I really think… but people won’t take me seriously…”? We all have our own ‘buts’ to dance off - so join us for this wonderful opportunity to experience the joy of DYBO, have lots of fun and connect w... Read More

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