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In The Studio: Bringing an Idea to Market
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In The Studio
Valuable Money Tips
Bringing an Idea to Market
Build a Buzz Around Your Business
Build Your Million Dollar Dream
Clean the Clutter
De-stress Tips from the De-stress Diva
How to be a Successful Leader
Have an idea for an invention? Don’t miss this interview! Tamara Monosoff, author of The Mom Inventors Handbook: How to Turn Your Great Idea into the Next Big Thing joins NAPW In the Studio to tell us exactly how to bring an idea to market.
Next on NAPW In the Studio
The Roadmap to Success

Earlier this year, NAPW ran a contest to invite a member to join us on In the Studio. Patty Purpur, owner of the wellness company Time Out Services, stood out from the other contestants with her incredible Roadmap to Success program. Patty shares essential tips from her program with us next month on NAPW In the Studio.
About the Host
Robian Dorian
NAPW In the Studio is hosted by the emmy-award winning and versatile Robin Dorian (VH1, Extra, BBC-America, and The Food Network). Robin will be interviewing some of the most influential women in business and bringing you insightful segments that will enhance your ability to create a balanced more meaningful life at home and in the office.
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