Ruth Garcia-Corrales

Business Source Center - VEDC | Managing Executive

About Me

Ruth manages and develops the following new programs and new department at Curacao: PR & Community Affairs Department.

Programs already working:
1- Tutoring for Second Graders at Curacao stores for kids to improve their Language and Math skills called: Learn to Read-Read to Learn
2- Creative Hub at the Kids area of each store, free make and take Art Projects for kids under 12, loyalty program for families nearby Curacao stores
3- Carrier Day for fifth graders
4- Fundraising for a cause program, new Cause/Relationship Marketing Platform
and many others...

Specialties: After her appointment as Consul General she went to say goodbye to Jerry Azarkman founder of La Curacao, now known as Curacao, who ask her to be part of the company.Ruth is currently writing the Memoir of Jerry Azarkman.
She has six kids; their names are: Kidd a eight year old boxer, Isis a schnauzer seven years old, Nina a dachshund two years old, Babyblue a blue gold macaw twelve years old, Toronbolito an Indian ring neck bird fifthteen years old and Napoleon a turtle fifthteen years old.

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