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Raquel’s career in insurance began in Los Angeles, CA with Farmers Insurance, after attending the University of Southern California. While hired as a secretary, she was soon promoted to Sales Material Coordinator. Raquel showed her versatility and flexibility by resolving DOI compliance issues, creating the marketing brochures for the company, as well as being trusted to handle the planning of the Farmers’ 75th Anniversary national project, at the Paramount in Los Angeles.

Shortly thereafter, Raquel moved back home to Austin, Texas and took a position with Perico Life Insurance Company (acquired in 2007 by HCC Life) as an Administrative Assistant. She quickly worked her way up to Marketing Assistant, where she earned a reputation for exceptional client service as well as an invaluable support for the Regional Marketing Manager. Raquel coordinated communication among clients, underwriters and managers, while also automating resources for the ease of both the clients and the Regional Marketing Manager. She also tracked key business targets and figures to keep abreast of the trends within the marketing region, and learned how to generate new business and retain current business through leads and client requests.

In the summer of 2007, Raquel’s husband accepted a position in Reno, Nevada, so Raquel left Perico Life and immediately found a position with Excess Loss Insurance Services in Reno, as a Sales Account Executive. During her first month of employment with Excess Loss, Raquel placed her first case. In less than a year, she coordinated with four Third Party Administrators to generate four sold cases amounting to just over $1.8M of stop loss premium, all with A or A+ rated carriers. She became known for being available 24/7 to both clients and carriers (including those overseas), to the point where they were convinced she did not sleep…ever. Raquel developed key relationships and maintained open lines of communication with them, ensuring continued trusted relationships.

While working with Excess Loss, Raquel was approached by the Vice President of MedEx, Inc. in Houston, TX (now Stop Loss Insurance Services) to gauge her interest in a Sales Manager position. Raquel had gotten the attention of the VP of MedEx when she placed a case that was deemed “unwritable.” Raquel accepted the Sales Manager position in 2008 and worked remotely from her home in Reno. In just under two years she coordinated with eight sources to generate over $3M in sold stop loss premium, while maintaining 90% retention at renewal, and working within a strict production focus on small groups. She also assisted the marketing department with fielding questions and concerns on the main block of business, when the main producer was unavailable. Raquel realized a need for and created comparison tools for the marketing department to be able to identify competitive quotes at-a-glance to increase the efficiency of file reviews.

In the fall of 2009, Stop Loss Insurance Services underwent a major restructuring, and Raquel was elevated from Sales Manager to Vice President at the age of twenty eight. During the most hectic time of year for the stop loss industry, Raquel commuted back and forth from California (where she had relocated with her husband) to Houston, and handled the office management and producer transition roles with poise. She also did so while maintaining 85% retention on the entire block of business, and generating new business without the benefit of direct relationships. During that fall, Raquel solidified herself as a resourceful, intelligent resource for brokers, Third Party Administrators, and carriers alike, and one who could be trusted, as displayed through her integrity and professionalism in handling difficult situations. She exceeded the office revenue goal in 2009, and has continued to exceed the revenue goals each year. Since taking over as Vice President, she has maintained and grown a $31M book of business through client retention and development, also while overseeing all office operations and a support staff of six people. Raquel has a knack for being able to see the “big picture” and redesigned tools and processes to improve workflow efficiencies to meet an increasing proposal volume, with the current staffing. She was also the first person within her organization to be successful in hiring and training a new producer, and grooming her to meet her minimum annual revenue goal within six months. Raquel continues to strive to be ahead of the curve in the stop loss industry, therefore allowing her to proactively advise sources of trends within the industry, and possible courses of action. She has achieved strong broker and carrier relationships that afford her fierce loyalty from them, and have earned their trust explicitly.

Raquel continues to work with Stop Loss Insurance Services in Houston, Texas as Vice President.

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