Pamela Erlandson

About Me

Surgical Technology has taken me to the most incredible career I could have ever imagined. I have worked side by side with some of the most world renown Surgical Professors and Doctors in the fields of adult and pediatric Neuro, Cardiac, Trauma, Organ Harvest, Organ Transplantation and Craniofacial Reconstruction Surgery. I have also provided services for many hospitals for Red Blood Cell Salvage and Cardiac Platelet Salvage to prevent the usage of banked blood. I have worked in renown Level I Trauma Medical Centers with the most current state of the art surgical technology that can be offered today. Frequently I was called out in the middle of the night for life saving surgeries. I have been greatly rewarded for my experience and the most important is helping a patient in the most needful time of their life. This has brought me tremendous happiness and gratefulness, as I watched the patients fully recovered from their injuries. The opportunity to be able to serve the patient that is fighting for their life has been my purpose in life. I respect and love the Professors and Surgeons that I have stood side by side with over the many years, and in return I have had their friendship and love returned to me. If I could choose a career for myself all over again, I would no doubt would accept the challenge of the position I have worked in for many years. I would like to say "Thank You" to all the Professors,Surgeons and the many team members who have worked beside me, taught me, believed in me, promoted me and who have been my friends, as well as my gratitude and the opportunity to serve and assist them in rendering ultimate care to the patients.

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