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Dr. Kimberly Pettaway Willis, B.S., M.S., PhD, is the CEO, President, and Founder of Cor'Rae Management Agency (CMA™), LLC, which specializes in entertainment and client management. Dr Willis is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Founder of Cor'Rae™ Cares (CC™).

Dr Kim™ is a mother, wife, child of God, granddaughter, sister, friend, and more. Outside of the busy schedules, I amke time for those I love and enjoy! I take these awesome and amazing characteristics from my everyday life and launch them into Dr Kim™ World!

Dr Kim™ World ( is a website Iaunched for women by women. It is an everyday outlet for women to discuss issues and situations they may go through on a daily basis. The website is more of a sisterhood…building one another up and never criticizing. Be YOU, Be CONFIDENT, Be STRONG, be ME! Dr Kim™ is a world away from from the everyday world we live in. Relax and enjoy the begininnigs of a new sisterhood.

CC™ is an initiative focusing on uplifting women, giving women a positive outlook, encouraging them to be STRONG and inspire them to never give up!!! Besides CC™, there are many accessible blogs, advice, positive forums, and ASK DR KIM real questions (anonymously if you would like) for Dr Kim's 100% opinion and advice for all women.

There will also be an ACKOWLEDGE HER section and EDUCATE HER section. More details to come at a later date!

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