Beverly Hanstrom

President/Owner of Colorado Medical Waste, Inc.

About Me

Hello. My name is Beverly Hanstrom. I am the President and Owner of Colorado Medical Waste, Inc. CMW has been serving Colorado's Front Range from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs since 1992. In March, 2014, we introduced ozone processing to Colorado with the opening of our sustainable facility in Aurora, CO. We turn medical waste into confetti! Our ozone processor reduces the volume of medical waste by 90% with ZERO emissions!. Efficacy tests prove ozone is 100x's more effective than autoclave steam technology killing infectious pathogens, viruses and bacteria and an eco- friendly alternative to incineration. Both are antiquated processes that pose a serious threat to public health and the environment and are heavy consumers of natural resources. Our automated process uses electricity, the natural oxidizing power of ozone (which is created from and reverts back to simple oxygen) and an industrial shredder. The shredded, sterile, unrecognizable and non retrievable residual eliminates HIPAA liability and eliminates environmental contamination. We bring medical waste management into the 21st century and are setting the standard to reduce our carbon footprint. I look to the NAPW community for collaboration to educate and bring awareness to a safer and sustainable disposal method. I ask for your help to be "champions for change" and environmental stewards because out of sight is no longer out of mind. The effects of age old processes will be a challenge for future generations to come. Practices of the past are no longer acceptable when a superior sustainable disposal method is readily available. If within your realm of expertise you possess the ability to support and join our efforts, please contact me at (303) 794-5716 or by email Thank you.

Click on our website link below. See our 2015 Sustainability Award where we were recognized nationally in Washington, DC, watch our video to see how medical waste is managed in Colorado and across the U.S along with our 2014 Sustainability Award Video presented by the City of Aurora, CO., Women in Business Making A Difference Awards, BBB Service Awards and photos of autoclaved medical waste next to our sterile ozone processed confetti residual at the landfill. A picture is worth a thousand words!

I am currently a member of Practice Green Health; Conservation Colorado, Colorado Association for Recycling, Sierra Club, Colorado BioScience Association; Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau, the Aurora Chamber of Commerce and the ASPCA.

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