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Pamela E. Erlandson
Pamela E. Erlandson
Erlandson Surgical & Medical Legal Consulting Services (view work website)
Owner, Surgical Assistant, SurgicalTechnologist III & Surgical & Medical Legal Consultant
Surgical & Medical Legal Consultant in Healthcare
Houston, TX (Office)
Local Chapter:
Grandfathered by Certification or License Needed in Most States., Grandfathered by Certification or License Needed in Most States. Surgical Technology III & Surgical Assisting in all Surgical Procedures for Pediatrics and Adults.

Their Were no Training Programs Acessible When I Began my Career., Garland County Technical, English and Psychology. Portland Community College, UNIX, and all Computer Applications. Clackamas Community College, College Algebra. Independent Study of all Systems and Organs of the Body. Independant Study of Physiology and Anatomy, General Surgical Procedures, Independant Study of the Brain, Cardiovascular System, Organ Harvest, OrganTransplantation, Crainiofacial Surgery & Trauma Surgery.

Surgical Technologist III and Surgical Assistant on all specialty surgeries, with focus on pediatric and adult neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, trauma surgery, organ harvesting, organ transplantation, pediatric craniofacial reconstruction, red blood cell salvage and cardiac plasmapheresis.
My hobbies offer me a balance to my life. I like leisurely attending healthcare conferences on various healthcare and medical subjects, learning about functional medicine and new research on nutrition. I enjoy gardening, photography, attending concerts, traveling and spending time with family, friends and granddaughter, who is now 16. I also support International Healthcare Ministries through various organizations. I wish to volunteer for no kill animal sanctuaries very soon, as I love all animals.
About Pamela

My name is Pamela Erlandson. Initially I worked as an Unit Secretary in ICU. After surgery, the doctors would come to my desk to write their orders. I often asked them questions about the patients and the surgery they had just under gone. My interest in surgery became known by the Chief of Anesthesia in a moderately populated city in 1976. He chose me to fill a position as a surgical technologist. Eventually, I was given the opportunity to train as a surgical assistant. There were very few training programs in the United States at that time. I was trained by specialty surgeons and am Grandfathered by Law in most states. As I trained, I learned that I had to do the right thing the first time during these cases. I recognized that I could also apply this to my personal life and have done just that. By choosing to do the right thing every time has served me well throughout my life. My skills and areas of expertise are as a Surgical Technologist III & Surgical Assistant in all pediatric and adult surgical procedures with a primary focus on pediatric and adult neurosurgery, high risk cardiac surgery, trauma surgery, organ harvest & organ transplant surgery as well as craniofacial reconstruction surgery.

I have now decided to change directions in my career. My professional title is Owner, Surgical Assistant, Surgical Technologist III & Surgical & Medical Legal Consultant for Erlandson Surgical & Medical Legal Consulting Services, which specializes in healthcare injuries. I spent 30 years in the surgical suite assisting various surgeons on all surgical specialties. My most challenging employment was as a surgical assistant to a high risk Cardiac Surgeon and assisting in Crainiofacial Reconstruction for children. Many patients who needed cardiac surgery were considered as a high risk for cardiac surgery and no other surgeons wanted to take the risk of the outcome.

Eventually, I was offered the opportunity to train in pediatric surgery and I found myself getting more involved with the needs of children. Everyday was an exciting day and another day to change a child's life. It was wonderful to see the change and to see the parent's smile and know that the child would now have a normal life.

After relocating from California to Houston, Texas, I retired in 2007 from the Surgical Suite. I have continued to advance in all the latest surgical technology through reading journals. After retiring, I wanted to change career directions but did not have anything specific in mind. In 2012, an attorney suggested I should offer legal consulting services for medical and surgical cases, because I had experience in chart documentation as a Unit Secretary. I offer analyzing chart documentation that most doctors would not want to spend time focusing on the very fine details a chart has to offer and also not offer. I have always had an interest in law and thought that his suggestion would be a very exciting and an intensive new career option for me. After careful consideration of what I had to offer an attorney and the injured patient in carefully reviewing surgical and medical documentation, I made the decision to develop a business plan that would include the necessary medical knowledge on how to identify documentation that is often overlooked by doctors when reviewing a chart. My consulting would include injury analysis to a patient, no matter what the diagnosis might be. I believe I can offer information to an attorney that could be used in addition to an expert's opinion to lead to a successful, legal outcome for a patient. I want to assist those who have been injured.


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