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Marcela A Marabelli
Marcela A Marabelli
Tropicaderm, LLC. (view work website, work website)
CEO And Owner
Wellness And Spa Products
Jacksonville, FL (Office)
Local Chapter:

Event every tuesday 7 to 8 pm at Marriot Hotel 4670 Salisbury Road Jacksonville fl 32256. Event Name Lifevantage (website:
vacationing and snowboarding
Mentorship Status:
Available to Mentor
Additional Info:
Health Care Business, Building your Business, Achieving your goals, Let go your fear.
About Marcela

Marcela, a Board Certified Esthetician, has been practicing since 1998 and has seen and worked with thousands of clients with varying types of skin and anti-aging concerns. In addition to her licensure, Marcela has spent many years training with high end cosmetic and skin care lines. She is determined to see positive results in her clients and discovered that some high profile products included preservatives which tended to dry out her clients skin.

Marcela studied the formulas of many products to find a line which did not include preservatives. Her studies caused Marcela to form her own skin care lineTropicaderm using t. he most exclusive organic ingredients from the amazonian rain forest Marcela has traveled to Brazil were organic origin ingredients are imported to the USA. She has also had the privilege of been introduce to Protandim and anti aging pill, that work the inside to the cellular level. Tropicaderm which is formulated with pure undiluted ingredients from the Amazon unlike the synthesized preservative laden ingredients used elsewhere.

Marcela has worked with hundreds of clients with challenging skin conditions. Her work and experience has helped her evolve her own methods and develop a keen sense of how to assess and treat individual needs of each client.

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