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Marissa O. Eldreth
Marissa O. Eldreth Founder and CEO/Magazine Publisher
BizWiz Consulting and Marketing Solutions/City Connect International (view work website, work website, work website)
Founder and CEO/Publisher/International Public Relations
Media Advertising, Business Consulting, Real Estate Investment for Retirement,Merchant card services, Online Advertising, Mobile Advertising
Roseville, CA (Office)
Local Chapter:
Medical Assisting, Yuba CollegeThe Bryman School Medical Field - Nursing

Business Consulting, Strategic business planning, Banking, Media Advertising, Business Plan assessment and structuring, sales and marketing, public service and multicultural media.
Reading, collecting old books,Dancing,tea Parties, Decorating,Collectibles,and Entertaining family and friends.
About Marissa

My name is Marissa O Eldreth and I am the Founder and CEO of Biz Wiz Consulting and Marketing Solutions since 2002. Under this umbrella is a multicultural online magazine City Connect International. My business includes Strongbrook, REIC as an Independent Business Developer. We create Retirement Investment Portfolios leveraging Real Estate. We are a client based company that does real estate for you to cash flow. Five to ten year Game Plan. Collateralized assets that creates wealth and tax advantages.
City Connect International Magazine is a place where we feature business owners and provide their businesses with pertinent tools, services such as mobile marketing, online advertising, merchant card services with cash back and a lifetime matchrate program with no contract. We have made it possible for small businesses to get a no obligation consultation for any of our products and services. CityConnectInternational.com provides a FREE LEAD GENERATING SYSTEM to all their clients to expand their businesses and an option to create passive income if they choose to do so. We are a public service to non-profits and charities as we feature their cause in our magazine.

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