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NAPW Los Angeles Local Chapter Addresses Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace at February Networking Meeting

The National Association of Professional Women Los Angeles Local Chapter hosted a morning networking meeting event on February 15, 2012.

Chapter President Ruth Garcia-Corrales, Advertising & Marketing Manager for La Curacao and former Consul General of Costa Rica, welcomed all members of NAPW Los Angeles Chapter. The chapter has many new members, business women and professionals, in addition to a great group of regular members.

The topic of discussion for February’s meeting was Emotional Intelligence at the work place. Ruth Klein, Owner of The Marketing/Time Source, Branding and Productivity Coach, introduced guest speakers Octavia Brown, Owner of Consulting for You, and Linda Kaplan a Professional Speaker.

Octavia Brown focused her presentation on how emotional intelligence impacts a person’s ability to understand and successfully work with others.

“The valuable lesson to remember is to build a relationship with your staff, engage them daily to find out their emotional status, and be sure to let them know they are important to the company,” said Octavia. “Treating staff as individuals makes them feel like they are part of the team. Asking for feedback and suggestions gives the employees an opportunity to help the company grow and work more efficiently.”

Octavia also suggested that leaders should participate in staff meetings and should also meet with staff individually a couple times per year outside of their yearly review. Interacting with staff allows a leader to build trust and loyalty. Employees appreciate having a leader who takes time to listen to them; it gives them a sense of security. The moral of the lecture was to pay attention to employees.

Linda Kaplan referred to Emotional Intelligence as having many facets, including the understanding of how others perceive the world around them and learning how others think. This understanding can curb many emotional conflicts and build a harmonious environment.

“The first step is a realization of self and your own thinking process, and second understanding how others process their thoughts,” said Linda. “The realization that each individual has a unique way of processing knowledge can bring greater ideas to the table in any environment including family, friends, and work; in return bringing emotional harmony to any situation.”

Ruth Klein emphasized self-esteem as an essential topic to ensure that a supervisor is working with her staff to create more collaboration and to stimulate the harmony of the work place.

Every member had the opportunity to talk about business opportunities, their plans for 2012, and their products and samples.

The Chapter’s next morning meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 14th, 6:00pm at Factors Deli. March’s meeting topic will focus on “10 Tips to Start or Refocus Your Website”. This will be an opportunity to talk about your personal experiences.

Members in attendance at February's meeting included:

Ruth Garcia , L.A Chapter President , Advertising & Marketing Manager for La Curacao, and former Costa; Daisy Marks, Executive Secretary for the Westside Regional Center; Brigitte Rozenberg, Chiropractor; Daphne Vandegri, Owner of Daphne Chocolates; Dr. Mary Fallie, Forensic Psychologist; Ruth Klein, Brand Marketing Specialist; Jiermie Le Harren, Writer; Linda Kaplan, Speaker and Coach; Octavia Brown, Business Consultant of Consulting for you; Olivia Lam, Graphic Designer; Selena Eckquest, Business Consultant; Tiana Sanchez, Author, Strategist and Trainer; and Trish Lay, Life Coach and Public Speaker.

The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) is the largest and most recognized network of female professionals. NAPW provides a forum where women can interact, exchange ideas, educate, network, and empower. NAPW Local Chapters allow members to maximize their experience through meetings, networking opportunities, and professional events.

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