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Lisa McDaniel You are what you eat! What you eat and drink affects your daily activity! I am putting together a 90 day challenge to get you back to healthy, get motivated and be the best at what drives you to do what you do in your daily life. You can check out my website In box me once you have checked out my website. I have some great testimonies to share and assist you with any questions about the products and how to order and receive a 45% discount on all items.
  • 6 days ago
    Sunni Knowlton My name is Sunni Knowlton and I am so very passionate about helping people transform their lives through integrating body-mind-spirit-soul as well as reaching their full potential or just finding more meaning and balance in their life. If you check out my website , you'll be able to explore my specific gifts, skills, and specialties. Also, I am eager to get to know the women of the tucson chapter as I'm desiring more community, connection, and support not just for myself but to offer it as well. I can offer some services via skype or facetime or by phone. I believe being a dynamic, empowered,, professional female in todays world has alot of challenges, especially as we change, grow, evolve, and hopefully become more of our authentic selves, with no judgement, shame, or blame. I want to be an active member and my number is 520-359-8973. I am open and excited to speak with you soon! professional specialties are Transformational Coaching ( in any area but especially spiritual and personal development), Yoga and Functional Fitness Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Somatic (psychologically-centered) bodywork involving Rolfing and Myofascial release work, emotional release work, energetic healing, thai, craniosacral, etc, postural alignment correction, writing, and motivational/informative workshops. MY email is and my number again is 520-359-8973. I can collaborate with you on life goals and coaching via skype or facetime or phone across the nation and worldwide. Thank you and peace to you.
    Home of Sunni Knowlton's Integrative Wellness
    Holistic Health, Somatic Bodywork/Healing/Massage, Life Coaching/Consulting, Yoga Classes and Privates, Workshops
  • Jul 14, 2016
    Sheresa Byrns A vital part of planning for your future is protecting it! Greetings to all of you fabulous superwomen of NAPW! As a new member and WFG Associate, I truly believe that the most significant asset for today's' woman is "QUALITY TIME" for life's most precious moments and I'm absolutely here to help you with that. Whether it's a weekend of pampering yourself after a very busy run working, caring for you family or spending focused time with your children or other loved ones, this is one of a number of things our services provide. There is an increasing and ongoing issue of limited income, savings and investments, lack of life insurance or protection of assets accumulated can be resolved successfully. By providing you with a better understanding of your financial situation and access to products and solutions that are appropriate for your specific goals, I would love to help you achieve your dreams. We also provide access a comprehensive life planning platform where you can easily safeguard documents, share stories, preserve life lessons and communicate your final wishes. All Customized Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) are complimentary. Please feel free to send me an inmail with in questions or give me a call at (650)773-4365.
  • Jul 13, 2016
    Abhishikhaa Bhadouriya Hello Ladies Is it time to rebrand your business? Lets start with classy personal images which identify with you! Your profile pictures can speak volumes. Update your personal branding, your LinkedIn profile or corporate images with a Personal Branding session with us! Who says your profile image needs to look like a DMV photo? I am here to change the belief that profile pics have to be .... ohh boring. Our personal branding July special for just $350 offers session wardrobe consultation, Hair and Makeup to enhance your inner beauty and two hi-res + websized digital images. This is a STEAL! Call to book now....
  • Jun 30, 2016
    Stephanie A Shumway I am a new NAPW member and mompreneur. I just launched my online business Please share with parents who have kids in diapers. I am sure they will appreciate knowing that help has arrived. No more rolling or wiggling away when changing your baby's diaper. Please help spread the word about the Wiggle Worm Wrap. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you from your fellow NAPW entrepreneur.
  • Jun 28, 2016
    Abhishikhaa Bhadouriya Last month to honour mothers (including myself), I embarked on a personal journey which is very dear to me, I invited moms (real moms, not models) to do away with selfies and bring portraits back in fashion. Because selfies may go out of Style but portraits never will. /
  • Jun 08, 2016

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