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Tracy Bye GRANDPARENTS DAY IS SEPTEMBER 11, 2016!!! Give the gift of VISITS to those you love. Personalized, one-on-one visit with follow-up contact after each visit. Call Tracy Visits today!! #612-791-0133
  • about 22 hours ago
    Kristin Davidson Hi ladies, I mentioned my involvement with the ALS Walk. Here is a link to donate to my personal fundraising page. Thank you for your support!
  • 1 day ago
    Shannon Gulbranson B.S., D.C. As I’ve personally experienced both my parents leaving the house, and NEVER returning…I realize how truly incomplete most of our lives are on that day when tomorrow never comes. If completing life by the time it’s finished is success, then procrastinating “DONE” is failure. The act of doing nothing fails to bring completion of anything. This lack of connecting the dots and closing the circle is an absolute dead end for all completion and success. Most people don’t fail in life; they stop before they finish. Success is really quite simple… 1. Completion 2. Fulfillment 3. Finishing what you start. How complete are you in your day-to-day operations? Or do they go on for days upon days, while progressing forward very little, if any? Intentional action and completion are the fulfillment of life. Life is forward movement. If you’re feeling unfulfilled, perhaps it’s because you’re not fulfilling the action of “DONE”. Someone once told me that, “Done gets paid.” This is so true! It’s because done has value. Without done, there’s nothing. Completion is not only success, but the requirement of progress, productivity, prosperity, and possibility. Possibility equates to the completion within YOU. When you live your life as complete, you can completely complete your life successfully. What’s going on outside of you is merely a reflection of what’s happening on the inside. Are you owning your completeness or are you still believing that you’re missing something or you’re not enough? Your belief in the completeness of YOU allows you to expand. And as you expand, so too does your possibility. This possibility is the inspiration for completion…success! Do you feel a peaceful sense of inspired urgency today? Only if you choose possibility, success, the fulfillment of completion, and finishing strong. In my years of coaching powerful doctors, leaders and entrepreneurs, I’ve discovered that FULL ENGAGEMENT in life is a pre-requisite for the successful completion and celebration of it. How engaged are you in living your life…successfully? Please don’t wait until tomorrow! To know for sure, check out my 9-Point Engagement Checklist and determine your Engagement Rating (eRATING) here: http://doctorshannon.com/engagement-rating/ I would also love to hear about your eRATING. What’s your number? Please email me at drshannon@doctorshannon.com, and let’s connect for a complimentary 30-minute Engagement Consultation. xo Dr. Shannon
  • 2 days ago
    Vicki Langemo Has Anger become a close companion in your life? What are the “payoffs” that make this your “go-to” emotion? Learn more at: http://www.supportivetalk.com/how-to-learn-anger-management-in-15-easy-steps-7c/
  • Aug 15, 2016
    Vicki Langemo Do you use your Anger to hide your PAIN? Find out Surprising “Anger Payoffs” at: http://supportivetalk.com/how-to-learn-anger-management-in-15-easy-steps-7b/
  • Aug 12, 2016
    Vicki Langemo 3 Tips to Help Your Morning go Smooth Tip 1: Prep the night before. Set out your clothes, prepare your coffee pot, and pack your lunch. Doing these things ahead of time will save you the hassle in the morning so you can get out the door on time, avoiding stress. Tip 2: Check your calendar. Plan for your day ahead to make sure you are prepared and you don’t forget anything. Tip 3: Keep breakfast simple and healthy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s good to fuel your body in the morning to help get you going, but you don’t have to take the time to cook a big meal. For example, you can have spinach with blueberries and almonds, yogurt, ginger, grapefruit, and carrots. This takes little or no prep time and will give you a nutritional boost. If you need a tip to help make your life go better…Book a chat with Vicki at www.supportivetalk.com
  • Aug 08, 2016

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