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Beth Mohan Hello Minneapolis Women! I am CFO and Co-Founder of a business called KITE. KITE stands for Knowing Individual Talent Empowers. I help employers find top talent for their jobs through a very unique online hiring system. This system matches an applicant's natural behavioral style with those needed for the job. We believe that if a person has the natural behavior, motivation and thinking patterns that are ideal for the job, then they will excel at that job. That makes for a happy employee, employer and ultimately the customer. You can check out more on our applicant screening tool at http://www.kitedisctest247.com/hire-exceptional-people/
  • 3 days ago
    Karen Bairley Kruger First book written by women to inspire women investors and entrepreneurs!
  • 3 days ago
    Vicki Langemo Personality Strengths: Discover your Unique Gifts - Part 6 To make your self-discovery easy, I have summarized a list of Personality Strengths. Here are some new possible traits: Are you a Positive person who is generous with praise, quick to smile and always on the lookout for the positive in each situation? May be you are a Relator. This trait derives a great deal of pleasure and strength from being around close friends or relatives. If Responsibility is a strength than you like to take psychological ownership for anything you commit to and no matter how important you feel emotionally bound to follow it through to completion. A Restorative person is a problem-solver. If Self-Assurance is part of your personality than you have faith in your strengths. You know that you are able either to take risks, meet new challenges, stake a claim and deliver. If you read this article, you can find out if Significance is a main mannerism. To learn about these personality traits, go to: http://supportivetalk.com/personality-strengths-discover-your-unique-gifts-part-6/
  • 3 days ago
    Vicki Langemo Personality Strengths: Discover your Unique Gifts - Part 5 Written for www.supportivetalk.com by Vicki Langemo, LPC, MA To make your self-discovery easy, I have summarized a list of Personality Strengths. See if some of these traits ring true for you. Maybe you are a Harmonious person. This personality seeks agreement and dislikes conflict and friction. As an Idealist, you are fascinated by ideas. If you are into Inclusiveness, you very rarely judge and believe that we are all the same and equally important and, therefore, should be included. If Individualization is your thing, you are intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. As a Learner, your goal is to go from ignorance to competence. The thrill of learning new facts and becoming more knowledgeable attracts you. Finally, if you possess the trait of a Maximizer; excellence, not being the average is your measure. To find out more about these strengths and others, go to: http://supportivetalk.com/personality-strengths-discover-your-unique-gifts-part-5/
  • 7 days ago
    Vicki Langemo Personality Strengths: Discover your Unique Gifts Part 4 (Written for www.supportivetalk.com by Vicki Langemo, LPC, MA) Do you know your Personality Strengths? Are you a….. Developer: This personality is always looking for potential. You may be Disciplined: You want your world to be predictable, ordered and planned, so you impose structure into your life. If you are Empathic you hear unvoiced questions, anticipate needs and can find the right way to handle them. Therefore, people are often drawn to you. If you trait is Fairness then balance is the key. The world should be predictable and even-handed, so each person has a chance to show their worth. To read more about these traits and others, go to: http://supportivetalk.com/personality-strengths-discover-your-unique-gifts-part-4/
  • Apr 25, 2016
    Nina Angela Downie, MPT MEMORY LOSS and those who interact with persons having Dementia. I am looking for those of you who are involved with persons having Memory Loss and I want to hear your stories. You could be family, friend, caregiver or skilled health care professional. As a licensed Physical Therapist I developed GRANNY CARDS - an aid to Communication between the Memory-impaired and those who care for them. I need your input and feedback to continue to develop materials that will improve “In the Moment” interaction, as that is all we can affect. To see what GRANNY CARDS are, please see link below. https://youtu.be/P4lK-fld9Ic For feedback, stories, and input, please email me at ndownie@mypt4health.com or visit website at www.mypt4health.com Thank you for caring for this unique population, Nina Angela Downie, MPT
  • Apr 25, 2016

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