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Forest Hills
Chapter President: Anjali Chugh

                                             Forest Hills Chapter in News - Oct 2014
                                Winner of 2013 NAPW Participation Award  
                                              Forest Hills Chapter in News - Oct 2013

I welcome you all to NAPW
- Forest Hills Chapter                            

Please 'Like' the Chapter Facebook page and share a line or two about your business so that we get to know you.
You can also follow our Chapter BLOG

Primary Objective -

I feel honored to have been presented with an amazing opportunity to connect with wonderful women from all over the city. One of the goals that I hope to achieve is to make this Chapter an avenue for networking apart from exploring business opportunities and providing members a comfort zone where they can connect with like- minded professional women.
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About Me-

Everything, you want to know about me, is on my website ( Just trying to save space. :)

Chapter Board-
Vice President - Alvertis Alexander
Secretary - Chermerdene Jordan
Treasurer - Susan Myers
Chair Event Planning - Lillian Walker Moss

Chapter Meeting -
Next meeting will be hled on Nov 10, 2014. Details will be posted soon.
Want to have a snapshot of  Oct Charity Gala? Please click HERE.  Do take a look at our Member Showcase for Sep 2014.

Oct - Breast Cancer Awareness Month -
Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) will be present at our Oct 3rd Fundraiser and distributing informational stuff to attendees in order to create awareness about Breast Cancer.

Sep - Women's Achievement Month-
We celebrated Women's Achievement Month on Sep 15th by honoring our members for their achievements. Nominations were received for eight talnted women. Jaye Corvino won the Achievement Award, 2014. For more details please check our newsletter link placed under 'Chapter Meeting' section, above.

Aug - Anti Bullying Month -
Members learned how to prevent - bullying in case of children & women, cyber bulling; what gives rise to bullies,  how to tackle bullies, far reaching effects on the victim, how to educate children, necessary protective measures to be taken, authorities to be contacted etc

July 'Personal Passion Month' -

Members particpated in a 'Personal Passion Workshop' on July 14, 2014. In about 30 sec, attendees talked about what they are passionate about. Also, our speaker offered insight on the role of 'Energy' in attracting or repelling success.  

June Hunger Awareness Month -
Forest Hills Chp volunteered at Jewish Community Council on June 19, 2014. Kudos to our member partcipants.

For photos from our Oct 2014 Charity Gala please click HERE
Photos from Oct 2013 Fashion event are posted HERE.
April 2013 Fundraiser photos can be seen HERE.

I look forward to meeting and interacting with all of you, month after month.

See you soon. 
Anjali Chugh
Ph: 917-476-7854

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NAPW Community Wall Forest Hills Chapter

Finally! Affordable Legal Services and Protections Against Identity Theft

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"Enough Already - Publish that Book!"

Workshop for busy professionals to go from concept to published work in 1/2 a day. Includes professional writing (reports, grants, etc.), creative writing (books, articles, etc.), marketing/promotions/career instruction, training materials and a light lunch. Saturday, Sept. 27th, 2014 9:30- 2:30pm Greenburgh Town Hall 177 Hillside Avenue, Greenburgh, NY 10607 $149 + nominal online registration fee. Call and ask about our discount for groups of 10 or more registrants. Details and registrati... Read More


Forest Hills Charity Gala / Dance Event on Oct 3, 2014

**Join us at the Gala and bring Roaring 20's back to life* Come dressed up as Flappers, in Suits / Hats, as Movie Stars or even as Yourself. Remember to brush up on 20's slang. Its going to be great fun no matter how to dress. Just bring yourself and we'll do the rest. Highlight of the evening - Best Costume Contest, Riveting Tango Performances, amazing singers . Get ready to be pulled to the dance floor. For details of the event and for buying tickets, please visit https://napwforesth... Read More


Forest Hills Chapter Celebrates Women's Achievement Month - Sep 15, 2014

Dear Ladies Re: Celebrating Women's Achievement Month It gives me great pleasure to announce that we’re finally all set to celebrate Women’s Achievement Month on Sep 15th. This is a great opportunity to honor the women who work tirelessly on home and work front. I have received quite a few nominations for the award which I’ll be forwarding to the selection committee on Aug 26th. The winner will be announced at our Sep 15th meeting.. I’m sure you must be as excited as I am to celebrate this day... Read More


Designing Your Personal Awesome Future 2014

ENTREPRENEURS, INTRAPRENEURS, THOUGHT LEADERS, CELEBRITIES, AUTHORS, CONSULTANTS, COACHES, WOMENPRENUERS, SERVICE PROVIDERS AND EXPERTS... A MUST ATTEND EVENT! Join us in an enriched and spirited environment with catalytic thought leaders for a full day of training and education and an emerging experience of knowledge, tools, and applications to steer your life, spirituality and career into a new dimension of wisdom and influence. EVENT: DESIGNING YOUR PERSONAL AWESOME FUTURE DATE: SATURDAY, SEP... Read More


Forest Hills Chapter Meeting - Aug 11, 2014

My Dear Ladies Re: Monthly Meeting on Monday, Aug 11, 2014 at 6 pm. This is friendly reminder that coming September, we'll be celebrating Women's Achievement Month for rewarding a member of our Chapter for her achievements as a professional woman. This is an internal event and is open to only our Chapter members. I invite you to start emailing me the nominations for the award. You are free to nominate yourself as well. The nomination has to be accompanied with a write up of not more than 150 w... Read More


Forest Hills Chapter Meeting - July 14, 2014

Dear Ladies Re: Monthly Meeting on Monday, July 14, 2014 at 6pm. At the very outset, let me share an exciting piece of news with you. Coming September, we'll be celebrating Women's Achievement Month for rewarding a member of our Chapter for her achievements as a professional woman. This is an internal event and is open to only our Chapter members. I invite you to start emailing me the nominations for the award. You are free to nominate yourself as well. The nomination has to be accompanied wit... Read More


Forest Hills Chapter Meeting - June 16, 2014

Dear Ladies   Re: Monthly Meeting on Monday, June 16, 2014 at 6pm.   Our June meeting will offer you tools to navigate through 'transition' as smoothly as possible and help you reinvent yourself in case the need arises. Presentation Topic  - Don’t be caught, hat in hand, with no job search plan.   In this time of economic uncertainty, everyone must have a back-up plan & two would be better! If you find yourself char... Read More

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