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Chapter President: Lisa Wyatt
Phone: 352-425-3346

If you are in our Ocala area, and would like to join our NAPW Ocala Chapter, please let me know.  You can reach me, Lisa Wyatt, your President, at or 352-425-3346.  Our June meeting is June 24th, Tuesday, from 6:30 to8ish at the Braised Onion, 754 NE 25th Ave, Ocala FL  34470.  Please RSVP.  This meeting is our 2nd Anniversary of our NAPW OCALA CHAPTER.   SPOUSES INVITED.  See you there:)!

Hello Ladies,

Please see the NAPW Ocala Chapter Meeting Minutes for our May 27th, 2014 meeting:

Chapter Name/President’s Name:  NAPW OCALA CHAPTER, President Lisa Wyatt

Title of Meeting and Speakers:  NAPW OCALA Chapter May 2014 Meeting; Speaker Vickie Kayuk, ReLiv Distributor.

Date and Location:  May 27, 2014 at the Braised Onion, 754 NE 25th Ave, Ocala, FL  34470, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

Highlights:  Networking began at 6:30 as those in attendance shared their businesses and passions.  President Lisa Wyatt started the meeting around 7pm, with introductions from all in attendance. Each month members are encouraged to bring guests to participate in our networking.  Also, at each meeting, we are looking to start gathering toothbrushes/toothpaste, stuffed animals, etc. for the stockings and gifts for the “Chosen Children’s Christmas Party”.  We have on hand so far 40 roll on soaps and chap sticks to put in the children’s Christmas Stockings.  Please remember to bring these items and/or toiletries for the Arnette House and place them in the purple basket for distribution and storage for the good deeds we do for our community.

Our speaker this month was one of our very own board members, Vickie Kayuk.   The following is the information Vickie shared with us:

Thirty-seven years ago I married a Canadian engineer and moved to a small area just outside Ottawa, Canada.   My job descriptions have covered everything from authoring office procedure manuals and designing and updating business websites to hiring and training staff, designing office forms and check-lists, and customizing computer programs to suit individual office needs. 

As owner of Full Horse Farm in Ontario, Canada I owned the top Canadian Sport Horse mare in the country, Full Alert, winner of the prestigious Brigadier McKee award, and dam of some of the top CSHA foals in the country for two decades. During the 20 years on the farm I successfully showed my home-bred horses at Breeders shows (including wins at The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto), Hunter/Jumper shows, Dressage shows and in Eventing and Competitive Trail Rides—all while successfully operating my various businesses.

Through all this time I suffered with back pain caused by injuries that were causing the lower vertebra in my spinal column to fuse, and the beginnings of arthritis in my hands and hips.  After the loss of my Canadian husband to cancer in 2009, I sold my Canadian farm and returned to my home state of Florida.

In an effort to ease the back pain I saw chiropractors who had to break the spinal vertebra apart which did, over time, ease some of the pain and return some flexibility, but the procedures left bone spurs and had to continue in order to prevent refusing of the bones. Also, arthritis in the other areas was becoming more of an issue, most especially in my hips and neck.

In March of 2014, Patti Riccardo, a good friend, introduced me to Reliv products as a possible way to help reduce the inflammation in my back and possibly ease some of my other discomforts. 

This remarkable product is what I am here to talk with you about tonight, detailing my results of using the Reliv products. Everyone who takes them has a different story and the products make no claims of cures, they simply provide full nutritional value and your body does the rest. If you would like to hear more stories you can listen to recorded calls at 866-330-4922 and at 641-715-3900 pin 2863# and at 209-255-1099  pin: 351575#   reference: 31#

After Patti’s story of her arthritis pain completely vanishing after 2 weeks, my expectation was that my pain might be reduced, what actually happened was more life-changing than that.  In 2 1/2 weeks the depression I had carried for five years just disappeared! Overnight! And it hasn’t been back. I now believe that, although the grief over the loss of my husband was real, the deep depression was caused by a nutritional imbalance.

In fact, it was so life altering that after learning about the 25 year track record of the company and listening to the reports of other users, I decided to become a distributor and start helping other people as Patti helped me.  But that was just the beginning....

·   At 6 weeks the back pain was gone!

·   At 7 1/2 weeks the hips stopped hurting!

·   At 8 weeks I could turn my head without shooting pains in my neck and the feeling that my head was on a wobbly spring like a bobble head in the back of someone’s car!

·   I can think clearly now and stay on track.

·   I have energy.

I’ve been on the products for less than three months and the list keeps growing.  I have been a distributor for just about 2 months and have seen changes in every single person I have introduced to the product as long as they use it daily as directed—and even those who sometimes forget.

And the changes go deeper than that. After seeing how these products affect people’s lives, I have gained a new purpose. In Canada my goal was to breed an Olympic level horse. Now my goal is to help every person I can to feel better and get the most from their life.

Member Attendance:  Those in attendance were:  President Lisa Wyatt, Board Member Jane Moerlie, Board Member Vickie Kayuk, NAPW Members  Dr. Barbara Brooks, Marisol Medina, Lizzie Lennon and guests Sue Bruzdziak and Patti Riccardo.

We held our “50/50” raffle, which helps to fund our charitable events throughout the year, specifically our  Thanksgiving Basket Give Away and our “Chosen Children’s Christmas Party”.  Our speaker Vickie won the “50/50” raffle, and donated the winnings back to the Chapter.  This fun way of “fund raising” is enjoyed by the members.  Our NAPW Chapter funds are at a total of $377 for our “Chosen Children’s Christmas Party for 2014”!

The raffle tickets sell 3 tickets for $5 and 8 tickets for $10, so bring some extra cash to see if you can be the lucky winner each month!  Our NAPW Ocala chapter keeps half the money winnings, and you could keep the other half of the winnings
J!  Bring some extra cash with you to the meetingJ! Door prizes are always raffled off at the end of our meetings.

For the month of June, our meeting will be the “2nd Anniversary NAPW Ocala Chapter Celebration”.  We are working on a wonderful menu at the Braised Onion, spouses are invited to attend.  Your dinner will be the cost of a can of food for the “Love Ocala Christmas in July” food drive to benefit our local Interfaith.   This is in accordance with our NAPW corporate June/July charitable events that are being held nationwide.  Stay tuned for more information early in June.  The date is June 24, 2014, so SAVE THE DATEJ!  We are holding this celebration at the Braised Onion, which is our new meeting place, at 754 NE 25th Ave, Ocala FL  34470.  They have award winning food and a private dining area they are willing to let us utilize.  There will not be a speaker at this event, but rather a “party celebration” that looks back on our accomplishments over the past two years.

Respectfully submitted by President Lisa Wyatt, May 30, 2014.



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Hi Ladies, I'm Jennifer and I just relocated to the Ocala area from Miami. I was an active member in the Miami chapter and I'm looking forward to meeting you all. I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Mental Health Therapist. I openned my own holistic health coaching practice to help individuals and their families learn how to live a balanced lifestyle, by incorporating good nutrition, phyiscal activity, and good mental health. If you know of someone who can benefit from my servic... Read More

Lisa Wyatt Hi Jennifer,

We welcome you to our NAPW Ocala Chapter!  We meet this month at the Ocala Elks Lodge #286 at 702 N.E. 25th Avenue, Ocala, Florida, on August 27th, from 6:30 pm to 8ish.

Please come and be a part of this exciting group of women!


Your President,
Lisa Wyatt
August 2 at 10:27 PM ET
Jennifer Ortiz HI Lisa,
I will be attending tomorrow's meeting 8/27/2013. What time does the meeting start and will the location be at the Ocala Elks Lodge #286 at 702 N.E. 25th Avenue, Ocala, Florida? I look forward to meeting everyone!

Best regards,
Jennifer Ortiz
August 26 at 11:29 PM ET

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NAPW Ocala Chapter Membership Social February 19, 2013

The NAPW Ocala Chapter will hold a Membership and Social at Ruby Tuesday, 3500 SW College Road, #100, Ocala Florida, on Tuesday evening February 19, 2013, from 5:30 to 7:30.  Husbands, friends, significant others welcome:)!  Contact President Lisa Wyatt at 352-425-3346 for more information!  Read More

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