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Chapter President: Pipier L Bewlay
Phone: 401-615-1760

Welcome to the Warwick chapter page. If you are looking for the opportunity to meet and network with other women business owners, professionals and potential new friends then come and participate.

Happy 2014!!! As the new year begins it is a time to reflect back on 2013 and determine what the future will look like. I believe we haad a great year in 2013 and I appreciate all of the support that I have received from our members and your participation in our monthly meetings. In addition the opportunity, to meet each of you has been a blessing.

As we embark into 2014, let me know your thoughts on future events, speakers meeting format, etc. As I have always said this is our meeting so I want to make sure we are hearing from everyone and adjusting as needed. So we can build a chapter that provides you what you are looking for in a professional organization through the sharing of ideas, educational opportunities, development of new friendships and personal motivation. 

 Our Next meeting will be July 23, 2014 - MARK YOUR CALENDARS

Our June Warwick Chapter meeting took place at Corner Bakery Cafe, a fairly new restaurant in the Garden City Shopping Center.  The facilitator of this meeting was Pipier Bewlay, our chapter president who is also VP, Human Resources for Cox Communications. Pipier presented on networking, referring to a diagram specifically entitled How to Work a Room (by Diane Darling of XPLANATION® BY XPLANE®) yet providing some of her own examples and advice. The basics discussed are listed below:

·         Know your audience – do a little research before the event.

·         Wear something that helps you stand out, but be sure it’s professional. Be confident and smile.

·         Find a comfortable place to stand, like the registration desk (you’ll appear to be part of the organization presenting and greeting folks will feel more natural) or the food table. People are more accessible around food.

·         Scan the room for possible contacts. When you introduce yourself, maintain eye contact.  Approaching keynote speakers may be worthwhile, as they typically like to talk.  Find folks that are alone – it may be easier to talk one-on-one than to break into an already formed group. 

·         When introducing yourself, state the name of your company first and your name last so they are more likely to remember it.

·         During introductions, be sure to extend a firm handshake. If you tend to get “sweaty palms”, use natural deodorant before the event.

·         Encourage your contact to talk without interrogating them – be human and personable, don’t provide a 10 minute dissertation about you or your company – and do not start out talking about family – consider the type of event. Don’t go off on a tangent and forget the important reason you are there. Practice an 11-second elevator speech in advance for speed networking events. Include something of value you can bring to them.

·         Be sure to bring a supply of business cards and keep them in one pocket leaving another pocket or wallet for collecting new business cards. Look at the card to show interest in where the person works and what they do. Once you arrive home, write where you met the contact on the back of their business card.

·         Try to get an acquaintance to introduce you to someone of importance rather than trying to approach yourself. If your contact is looking to meet someone you know, offer to help them connect.

·         Don’t expect to meet everyone.  Make a few key connections then leave the event.  Networking is not about how many business cards you can collect.  It’s about following up with a phone call, and perhaps a breakfast or lunch meeting to continue the conversation

Pipier also noted a good resource for finding events is LinkedIn under “Events”. This will pull up local business events. You can look for training groups with cool topics for an opportunity to make a connection – like renewable energy.

We were provided a handout entitled Networking for Dummies- 4 Habits Your Contacts Hate which includes:

1.    You’re not really there – don’t let your eyes wander while conversing with someone.

2.    You put off networking until it’s too late – keep up with your contacts even when you don’t need them – don’t wait until you are desperately looking for work. Rather, keep in touch on LinkedIn or with a quarterly phone call or send them articles of interest periodically.

3.    You network only with people like you – seek other’s advice from outside of your department or your usual circles – seek out those with different skill sets to step out of your comfort zone.

4.    You’re too busy to follow-up – paper and pen your to do list – follow-up on the top 5 business cards procured.


We closed another successful meeting after enjoying good food, company and interesting conversation.

Pipier Bewlay
Warwick Chapter President



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