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Chapter President: Pipier L Bewlay
Phone: 401-615-1760

Welcome to the Warwick chapter page. If you are looking for the opportunity to meet and network with other women business owners, professionals and potential new friends then come and participate.

Happy 2014!!! As the new year begins it is a time to reflect back on 2013 and determine what the future will look like. I believe we haad a great year in 2013 and I appreciate all of the support that I have received from our members and your participation in our monthly meetings. In addition the opportunity, to meet each of you has been a blessing.

As we embark into 2014, let me know your thoughts on future events, speakers meeting format, etc. As I have always said this is our meeting so I want to make sure we are hearing from everyone and adjusting as needed. So we can build a chapter that provides you what you are looking for in a professional organization through the sharing of ideas, educational opportunities, development of new friendships and personal motivation. 

September 10th Chapter Meeting update

We are all set for our September meeting with a great topic on Endless Cash Flow. Stacy Michelle will be our speaker and her flyer was emailed for your review.

Good Afternoon Ladies,

Our June Warwick Chapter meeting took place at Corner Bakery Cafe in the Garden City Shopping Center. The facilitator of this meeting was Ann Hession, speaker, independent business coach and owner of Turning Problems into Profits, as well as host of a small business owner talk show on Ann trains small biz owners to help them reach more people, grow revenue and profits, while providing her clients with a dynamic, engaging and powerful structure for mastering the strategies and skills needed to succeed in business today. She studied Psychology and Social Relations at Harvard University, from which she graduated with honors in 1985. 
Ann began the evening by discussing the importance of marketing vs. sales by focusing on marketing, sales, time management and hiring, and asking each attendee to think about the following questions: Who do I want to reach? What do I want them to do?
She noted the purpose of marketing: messaging; creating interest of right people; branding (real estate you own in someone else’s head); creating/identifying need as well as 3 areas of effectiveness you must employ:
1. Capture the attention of target market
2. Give target market hope/belief that if they keep paying attention, they will receive valuable information to make a decision.
3. Lower the risk of taking another step in process –the prospect logically concludes they should do business with you.
Ann provided a 4-part marketing equation for creating successful print advertisements:
1. Interrupt (headline/graphic)
2. Engage (subheading)
3. Educate (body copy – useful information to make a buying decision)
4. Offer
She suggested we start looking at others’ ads - using an example of one of our members who is an independent contractor for BeautyCounter cosmetics she noted the differences between the types of data that can be used in marketing:
Product Data (not compelling)
Marketing Data (compelling)

You must find the hot button/emotion. What do I do better? It’s all about the strategic message. She provided several scenarios including a print ad for a moving company which was a pretty typical ad before her intervention. 

Original Ad:
The most compelling part of the $3000/month ad was in the name “Budget” Movers which played on the lower costs, resulting in 70 calls per month on average with platitudes of doing business for 20 years – converting15% to clients.
New Ad:
After speaking with the owner and determining what they did differently/better than their competition, she turned the ad around and highlighted the emotional industry breakage/damage statistic of 72% of all moves, the fact that most moving companies will not tell you they are only legally responsible for 40 cents per pound for damages. They also noted their company followed a 5-step packing process to minimize damages and full replacement value. This ad resulted in a 68% closing rate.
In closing, Ann invited us to visit her website video series on The 3 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Small Businesses Make... And How to Overcome Them All

Pipier Bewlay

Warwick Chapter President



We will be meeting at the Warwick Corner Bakery this month in the community room, at 6 pm. The address is 21 Universal Boulevard Warwick, RI 02886 – which is right on Bald Hill Road on the same side as Home Depot. Please RSVP so I can give a count to Stacy for materials.
Have a great holiday weekend!

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September meeting

September 25, 2013 The NAPW Warwick Chapter has been growing, with 12 women meeting in September.  We met at the NYLO, a distinctive boutique hotel located in Warwick, RI with an urban chic industrial feel. Our guest speaker was Pipier Bewlay, president of our NAPW Warwick chapter  and VP of Human Resources for Cox Communications Northeast Region  on the topic of networking. Our evening began once again in NYLO’s beautifully appointed Loft Bar & Restaurant, networkin... Read More


August meeting

August 28, 2013 The NAPW Warwick Chapter included twelve women in August.  We met at the NYLO, a distinctive boutique hotel located in Warwick, RI with an urban chic industrial feel. Our guest speaker was Patti Avin owner ofTutor Doctor, a leader in providing affordable individualized supplementary education to students and adults via in-home tutoring to families.  Our evening began in NYLO’s beautifully appointed Loft Bar & Restaurant, networking over cocktails and a sc... Read More


June meeting

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Reminder - June Meeting 6/26/13 5:30 pm Chianti's 195 Old Forge Rd, E Greenwich/Warwick

REMINDER -JUNE MEETING!! Please join us for our June National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) meeting on Wednesday 6/26/13 at Chianti’s restaurant located at 195 Old Forge Rd, E. Greenwich/Warwick. We will start with at 5:30 pm with networking. Come join the fun and education – Kim Falcone, Owner of Lily’s Garden Herbals ( is going to share information about her organization, and give us a little education on using herbal products for health ... Read More

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