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Beautiful I Am
Chanel Williams- Aaron
Beautiful I Am
Owner, CEO, Published Author
Industry: Publishing, Self-Help, Motivation & Self-Esteem Building
Beautiful I Am

Unique New Self-help Guide, Beautiful I Am, Published by Carl Blake Publishers

Coauthors Lauren and Chanel Williams’ innovative new self-help guide contains a confidence building sequence of dynamic daily affirmations that help everyone boost their self-esteem and just plain feel better about themselves after each short read. 

Mother and daughter coauthors Lauren and Chanel Williams announced today the release of Beautiful I Am, published by Carl Blake Publishers.  This labor of love between mother and daughter offers readers one short daily passage after another -- complete with what are truly inspirational photographs – and is designed to quickly perk one up and remind one that there is indeed beauty in us all and we must celebrate it.


“I am what I think I am.  Therefore, beautiful I am.”  Lauren and Chanel Williams provide one after another similarly powerful daily mantras designed to restore one’s confidence by focusing on both inner and outward beauty.  Each of the authors’ inspirational every day reads is accompanied by a photograph of a person whose spectacular smile alone can convince the reader immediately that, no matter what, he or she can embrace their own unique beauty.


“My beauty is exclusive because it belongs to me,” write the authors and while this maxim may remain a platitude voiced here by itself, within the continuing text and photography of Beautiful I Am, it achieves a resonance powerful enough to convince any reader that it’s time to snap out of their murky depression, beauty up, and grant themselves their own unique worth.

Lauren and Chanel Williams have the goal to break down and erase all the unnecessary barriers people place in their lives, and they have created an organization that is based on acknowledging confidence, strength and inner beauty.  A portion of the proceeds benefits cancer research and their website, www.beautifuliam.co, is available to purchase the book and merchandise.  Beautiful I Am was inspired by the efforts of this mother and sister to help their son and brother understand how he remained a beautiful person during his battle with cancer.


The collection of inspirational aphorisms in Beautiful I Am can provide a daily dose of positive self-esteem to anyone who has found themselves temporarily mired down in the insecurities of life.  Williams’ guide spurs a quickly renewed acceptance of who one is and what one looks like, and after consulting any one of the short passages, readers will easily find themselves strolling down the street murmuring happily to themselves “Beautiful I am.”


Beautiful I Am is available on-line in paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
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34 Instant Stress-Busters
Aila Accad
LifeQuest International
Speaker, Author, Stress Expert
Industry: Healthcare
Location: Charleston, WV
34 Instant Stress-Busters

"34 Instant Stress Busters: Quick tips to de-stress fast with no extra time or money" provides quick relief at work, home and school.

Five chapters focus on simple tips for quickly de-stressing the Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit and Relationships. People can easily integrate these tips into their busy lives with no extra time or money.

Each Quick Tip includes a "Why it works" box that provides the rationale for how and why the tip is effective.

Each section includes planning pages designed for the reader to write a plan to implement selected tips into his or her daily life.

This book is easy to read and easy to use as a quick reference when a person is stressed. A powerful book people will want to keep handy and share with others.

The author recommends people use the book as a family, friend, work or church group to support one another in releasing stress permanently.

What people are saying about "34 Instant Stress-Busters"

"This book has incredibly simple tips to let go of stress and take charge of your life!"
--T. Harv Eker, Author of #1 NY Times Bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

"34 Instant Stress Busters is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to experience a happier life!"
-- Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason

"I wish I had this guidebook 25 years ago, when I started as a young actor. "
-- Robert Cuccioli, award winning actor and Tony Nominee

"Finally -- a book that addresses stress without inducing stress!"
--Laurie Helgoe, Ph.D., author of Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength

”Don't just read this book. Come back to it again and again. Settle into its comforting ideas like you would your favorite chair.”
-- H. Joseph Jones, manager,External Affairs, Appalachian Power

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Beyond Change Management <br>How to Achieve Breakthrough Results<br>Through Conscious Change Leadership
Linda Ackerman Anderson
Being First Inc
Owner/Vice President
Industry: Professional Services
Location: Durango, CO
Beyond Change Management
How to Achieve Breakthrough Results
Through Conscious Change Leadership

A comprehensive look at what it really takes to lead transformation successfully, written by two of the "masters of the craft." The author's best-selling first edition has been significantly updated to deliver critical insights about how leaders can achieve breakthrough results from transformational change, even in these challenging times. Beyond Change Management introduces conscious change leadership and provides insights about the critical human and change process dynamics that leaders must be aware of in order to succeed, and reveals why most leaders do not see these dynamics. Most importantly, it highlights the shift in worldview leaders must make to deliver greater success.
The book outlines the author's highly successful "multi-dimensional, process approach" to transformation, addressing change at the organizational, team, relational, and personal levels. It thoroughly addresses leadership mindset and behavioral modeling, culture change, and large systems implementations, providing best practices developed over three decades of successful consulting to Fortune 500 executives. Written for executives and managers, OD consultants, change managers, project managers, and change consultants, this must read book provides the foundation for successful change leadership and consulting. Together with its companion volume, The Change Leader's Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Organization's Transformation, these books can be used as texts in corporate or graduate school training programs and courses.

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My Epiphany
Marie Adams
My Epiphany
Industry: Arts
Location: Oakland, CA
My Epiphany
My name is Marie Latea Adams I wrote a short story/ poetry book.
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The Dirty Side of Midnight
Davida Adedjouma
Coaching for Life
Licensed Social Worker/Writer/ Phd Candidate in Health Psychology at Waldon University
Industry: Social Services: Rehabilitation/Counseling
The Dirty Side of Midnight
The Dirty Side of Midnight is Davida Adedjouma’s sophomore collection of short stories. The 36 short and short short interrelated tales chronicles the lives of audacious black women throughout their adventures in the deep South, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, and finally, France. The women are sensuous, smart and sexy, and overcome the dramas that are their lives. But they also tackle and survive societal tragedies such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, poverty, drug addiction and divorce. Anchored by the chronicles of two female-headed households, the stories weave in-and-out in a lyrical, non-linear form of story-telling. 
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