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Cherrl-Lou Jacobson, SWIMMIN' THIGHWEAR TM  LLC, Owner
Aloha, fellow entrepreneurs! It has been such a pleasure having the National Association of Professional Women on my team to success because they are the professionals we can count on through this business journey. If you are wondering if you should join, the answer is a definite YES. You can't afford to not become a member since from time-to-time, you may be questioned on your experience in the field, but you have had the "where-with-ALL" to put together a team of experts and the experts are NAPW. Totally!

Angela Nielsen, One Lily Inc., President

I joined NAPW because I wanted to be a part of a national women's organization that did more than just brag about the member count. I wanted real value for membership, and I feel I've truly gotten more than my moneys worth. The affiliations they have, programs and content really gives me what I was looking for from an organization like this. And I have also received several inquiries from other members of the organization for my services, which makes it a win-win all the way around.

Sharon Darrow, Travel ID Cards, owner
I joined NAPW because I had heard of the organization and respected the reputation for quality and integrity.  I needed a way to increase the visibility for my new company, and both the training tools and networking opportunities looked like they would work well for me.  I immediately started using the "Search" features on the website for email networking and was pleased with the helpful responses that I received.  The best thing has been the creation of our local chapter, which provides an opportunity to network face to face with other members in our area.  The business networking has been helpful for us all, and the comraderie and personal support has been wonderful.  I now have an NAPW family that cheers me on, understands my frustrations and triumphs, shares their lives with me as well, and it is great!  I highly recommend membership in NAPW for all the benefits that can be seen on the website, and many more benefits above and beyond what you expect as well.

Karen Blackwell Mucci, Corporate Relations/Journal Manager/Business Owner
As a professional in the criminal justice field and as a private business owner, membership to a professional women's organization is vital to ones success.  It provides additional networking opportunities and resources that are otherwise not available.  I believe that as women, we are all juggling many demands including home, family and career.  Membership to the NAPW provides me with a group of individuals that know and understand these demands as well.  The educational opportunities that are available to the members are very helpful.  In today's trying economic times, women need all of the resources and networking opportunities that are available and the NAPW strives to provide those opportunities.

Donna Szarwark, SR VP Human Resources, FRCH Design Worldwide
My name is Donna Szarwark and I am the SR VP of Human Resources for FRCH Design Worldwide.  I recently re-joined NAPW for a few reasons.  I was a member very early in my career and took advantage of the tools and resources NAPW provided.  I reconnected professionally with another NAPW member and decided to join again for the networking benefits, information sharing and to take advantage of the continuing educational opportunities. I love that this organization supports professional women in business!
Brenda Black, Owner, Eclipse Astrology
I live in Phoenix, Arizona.  I am a professional Astrologer certified by ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research).  My company is called Eclipse Astrology which offers services to those who want to improve their personal and professional lives by using astrological counseling and predictions.  I feel proud to be a member of NAPW and enjoy using their professional reference on my resume and promotional literature.
Jackie Messersmith, Workflow Dynamics Inc.
As a current member of the NAPW, I primarily joined to connect with other women in business.  I'm particularly interested in the learning and the networking opportunities available and of course the partnership savings are great as well!
Ana M. Farrulla-Morales, AAA Auto Club South
Being young and freshly out of college, it is good to know there are women in the world who are living the professional life I see myself living with time. These women are going to help me achieve my goals with their support and advice. 
If you have any questions or complaints please feel free to contact us.

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