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 of our country comes from

 the STRENGTH of

our people

Star Jones, Esq.

NAPW National Spokeswoman

American Heart Association,

National Volunteer

A Note From Star...

"I have always believed 'to whom much is given, much is required.' So I'm proud to tell you that I have been invited to speak at the National Day of Service, share my own heart story as a heart disease survivor, and challenge all Americans to make healthy choices at the 'Service Fair' on the National Mall during the 2013 Inaugural weekend celebration. I encourage you to participate in the National Day of Service in your local communities in ways that speak to your passion for service. Advancing the cause of Women's Heart Health is my passion and my purpose in life. I'm honored to have the opportunity to highlight and bring awareness to Heart Disease, our nation's #1 such a major such a public platform. For she who has health has hope; and she who has hope has everything."  — Star Jones



  Continuing a tradition the First Family began
four years ago, Inauguration weekend will
begin with a National Day of Service, Sat., January 19, 2013. Honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., volunteers across the country are organizing service events in all 50 states and the Inaugural Committee will host a major service fair on the National Mall.


  President Obama has always believed that the strength of our country comes from the strength

of our people. That's why the First and Second Families are calling on all Americans to come together and serve our communities.


  The theme of President Obama and Vice President Biden's second Inaugural - "Our People. Our Future." - reflects the spirit of the National Day of Service: In both good times and moments of great challenge, it is our people who have seen us through.



  To engage all Americans in the hard work of shaping our future together, the First and Second Families are asking Americans to do three things:


1)  LEARN: 

Go to and learn about the ways you can participate in or

host a service event in your community.


2)  SERVE: 

Sign up on January 19, 2013

in your local area to honor the legacy

of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a man

who dedicated his life to service.


3)  PLEDGE: 

Commit to serve in your community regularly in the future


  You can help promote the National Day of Service on Twitter with the hashtag #iserve.

ATTENTION: Local Chapter Presidents & Members:

NAPW is proud to promote "Chapters for Charities." We encourage you to utilize the power of your Chapter to make a difference on this important day. To find out how you can participate in your Local Chapter area, please click on this link: